It’s hard to imagine that it was only yesterday that I was in surgery. I was expecting a much longer recovery and had really given up on the possibility of having a chance to recover long enough to attend Zack & Sarah’s wedding on Saturday. Obviously I had great medical care by Dr. Andrew Wright […]

What a surprise to go from such an upbeat report last Thursday to more hospital adventures. Skip gave a great overview of the changes that occurred following my last blog. Today I am still in the hospital feeling a little better but still in pain. Heather and the boys returned from Prosser today so I […]

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful and sunny day in Seattle. I had lots of friends visit, including Skip, Anita, Jack and Marianne, James, Al and Doris and finally Phil. While the days started with very few flowers, by the end of the day all my tables were filled with flowers and I was […]

Don did three video takes while James Snook and I were there tonight. The one on the blog is the third. The other two are just as good. Don is amazing. He’s able to speak very naturally without a script into the camera — something most of us find very difficult to do. We had […]

What a difference a tube can make! Tomorrow it will be one week since I had my liver tube removed. By the lack of blogs over the last week I hope you know that means I have been doing well. It has been hard to get used to not having a tube- it has been […]

Yesterday I had Chemo again. I have continued to feel better and better every day leading up to Chemo. Heather said I even had that skip in my step again. Before Chemo we reviewed the CT scan taken on Tuesday. The results were overall good with some questions. The tumor in my liver and lung […]

Where did this expression come from anyway? I mentioned this to Skip and Heather today while we were meeting with Dr Barr. It feels like we are chasing rabbits down the rabbit hole. I did a little Google search and the most common reference to this expression is Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, first published […]

Last night we had our monthly ‘Tool Group.” I’m not sure if I have talked about it before but several post-college friends had the idea of getting together and encouraging one another around the teaching of Jesus. Many of the guys are married and facing the challenge of wife, family, work, health, friends- how do […]

I must say it is good to finally be home. Not only was the time in the hospital unexpected, missing our Canlis dinner was certainly not part of our plans. I was pretty frustrated knowing Dan and Bart had traveled so far only to find me stuck in the hospital. When I was in the […]

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