25th Week and 9th Chemotherapy

April 6, 2007 from Skip | Quick Overview, The Whole Story, Ups and Downs | Comments Off on 25th Week and 9th Chemotherapy

This from Don at 11pm last night (4/6). His hair continues to grow back. We kidded yesterday about him losing his “turtlehead” look. Skip, for Don & Heather I had no idea it has been so long since my last update. While I had mentioned in my e-mail of March 30th, my next chemotherapy was […]

The below is from Don as of about 4pm today. For the past couple of weeks Don and a good friend, James Snook, have been working on a blog site that will have all the updates plus more of Don’s journaling. It will allow you to respond as well. It is still a work in […]

A report of a very different nature below from Don, sent at 6pm tonight. This one, as Don puts it, is on the condition of his heart. Skip, for Don & Heather —– Today was another beautiful day in Seattle and we are expecting a few more nice days through Friday. We had some dear […]

I continue to move a little slow this week, some days not getting out of bed until afternoon. I forget that having chemotherapy 2 weeks in a row makes the second week even harder to adapt to. We did manage to make a short trip to Whidbey on Thursday with our visiting friends, Mike and […]

I am writing without a report from Don to ask all of you who love Don & Heather: 1. Pray for Don right now; 2. Write to him directly. donvalencia@gmail.com Don is at an important crossroad in his courageous fight against this cancer. Yesterday he was having side pains and a burning sensation in his […]

Don sent this at 8PM tonight. Thanks for responding to this morning’s requests for prayer and emails to Don. Both have been great blessings to him and Heather today. As you can see from Don’s recounting the conversation with Rob Lane today, this has indeed been a “crossroad” day. It is a significant change in […]

So often I close my e-mails with “God is Good, All the Time, God is Good” and I am often told by friends or family how much these words mean to them, what an encouragement they are. It has struck me over the last few days that my meaning “God is Good, All the Time” […]

It’s been a few days since I checked in. After all the activities of last week including Chemo, full body bone scan, Ultrasound to remove fluid from my lungs, continued night temperatures, residual foot pain, and of course the lung pain, it’s good to be feeling better and putting a lot of those things behind […]

I just thought I would say “Hi” from Chemotherapy. This is my second week in a row and next week is my off week. I will also get a CT scan next week that will tell us if my tumors are continuing to shrink with the new Chemo. I’ll be sure and show you some […]

You know, one of the things I love about this blog is I can write when I feel like it and you can read it when you feel like, if at all. While I like to send the e-mails as well, somehow the blog feels a bit more spontaneous and fresh– maybe that is because […]

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