This will be a short update today. I have a blood transfusion in a couple of hours. I always have a lot more energy after transfusions. Yesterday was the first day after chemo that I really felt my energy come back so it was a bit of a surprise to wake up this morning feeling […]

All I wanted to do was rest a little in my discouragement yesterday. I went in for my transfusion about 11AM. When the blood arrived it was almost correct, A Positive, but it was not leukocyte reduced. The nurse sent it back, ugh, another hour wait. You might remember the teeth chattering chills I got […]

Going Home Tonight!

May 4, 2007 from Don | Encouraging Times, Hospitalization, Photos, Quick Overview, The Whole Story, Ups and Downs | Comments Off on Going Home Tonight!

I just got word from Dr Ehni that he got the lab results and I can head home tonight. Back on very high dose antibiotics, Leviquin 500 mg, for 10 days. I also am delighted to have spoken and prayed with Dr Jeff Trent and we are going to have Dr Von Hoff and Dr […]

I can’t even begin to describe my weekend- it has been almost magical. I have felt so good, with so much energy I have tried to take advantage of every minute, fully expecting to get tired and rundown. Somehow, no doubt through all the prayers, I have had sustained energy which has really enabled me […]

Sweet Times Continue with a Surprise or Two!

May 9, 2007 from Don | Encouraging Times, Photos, Quick Overview, The Whole Story | Comments Off on Sweet Times Continue with a Surprise or Two!

Every day continues to be an amazing gift. On Monday morning I surprised the whole family by getting up early and taking the boys to school. I felt great and the boys enjoyed having dad take them. Heather didn’t want me to show the picture on the left taken before we left for school because […]

Feels Like the Post-Chemo Blues!

May 11, 2007 from Don | Photos, Quick Overview, The Whole Story, Ups and Downs | Comments Off on Feels Like the Post-Chemo Blues!

It’s Friday night, 2 days after chemo and I’m doing pretty well. I was able to drive the boys to school and drive to work again on Thursday and spent about 4 hours with Bharath and Mike interviewing a potential new senior employee. It was great to participate in something significant at work. Driving home […]

Can the Doctors Remove my Liver Tube?

May 14, 2007 from Don | Hospitalization, Photos, The Whole Story, Ups and Downs | Comments Off on Can the Doctors Remove my Liver Tube?

Lots of things going on right now with my health. I had a nasty allergic reaction to a shot I was given to reduce my neuropathy after chemo. My arm swelled up, turned bright red and blistered. I am now on steroids and it looks like the swelling is diminishing. I also was in the […]

I have had a couple of very good days since I last wrote. Yesterday was over 80 degrees and Raymond and I headed to Whidbey to do some more gardening and also to get all the drip irrigation and sprinklers running. We had a great time and managed to break away for lunch at the […]

Today is Friday and time for surgery to get a new Port-a-Cath. I had a glass of water this morning at 7:30 so they delayed my surgery from 9:30 to 11:30AM. Fortunately I brought the morning paper, my Mac and a book to read. The time really flew by talking to the nurses and Dr […]

I met with Dr. Alex Read late yesterday. I had been looking forward to this meeting for over a week. Dr Read actually diagnosed my cancer during a colonoscopy last October and has been an amazing advocate for me ever since (Dr. Read Oct 06). She introduced me to Dr Jorge Reyes last October 24th […]

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