I can’t believe it is already June 5th! It seems like a week of nice weather and time starts to fly. Zack and Sarah’s wedding is less than 2 weeks away. Johnny’s birthday is coming up on the 19th. The boys will be out of school next Thursday, June 14th and summer will officially begin. […]

I don’t have much to report to you. Thursday I had doctors appointments at 9AM, 11AM and 1PM in preparation for my surgery next week. Fortunately Heather joined me. I don’t think I have ever given such a thorough history- it was exhausting. We also learned about how the new ostomy bag will work and […]

I have had a few funny things happen over the last couple of days that have actually brought me lots of joy and laughter. On Sunday I realized I lost my car keys. This would not ordinarily be a problem but I lost my other pair about a year ago, never to see them again, […]

Don’s surgery is done, and he is in recovery right now. He and Heather arrived at UW Hospital at 6:45am. After checking into surgery section, they wheeled him into the surgery facility at 8:30am. He was clowning and joking with the nurses. This is a really interesting different side of Don that shows up when […]

It’s hard to imagine that it was only yesterday that I was in surgery. I was expecting a much longer recovery and had really given up on the possibility of having a chance to recover long enough to attend Zack & Sarah’s wedding on Saturday. Obviously I had great medical care by Dr. Andrew Wright […]

Don suffered from bad flu-like symptoms late last night/early this morning. He went to the emergency room at the UW Hospital in the morning. After a few tests and a lot of waiting, he is now settled in a room there, and they continue to look for the cause of his problems. They suspect clostridium […]

What a surprise to go from such an upbeat report last Thursday to more hospital adventures. Skip gave a great overview of the changes that occurred following my last blog. Today I am still in the hospital feeling a little better but still in pain. Heather and the boys returned from Prosser today so I […]

Please pray for Don. He has been in a great deal of pain since going back into the hospital on Friday June 15. This morning he also was feeling nausea. Today they will do a CT scan of his liver to try to figure out what is going on there. To minimize his pain he […]

As you read in Skip’s blog, it has been a rough couple of days. Unable to keep up with calories or fluids really wiped me out. While it continues to look like a bacterial infection, all the cultures have come back negative. Yesterday evening Heather force fed me spaghetti and we increased my pain medications. […]

Yes it’s true, I am being given my walking papers today. My white blood cell (WBC) count is almost normal, I am eating meals at least 3 times per day, and everything else is looking normal or moving towards normal. I really felt good enough to head home yesterday but we wanted to make sure […]

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