Don did three video takes while James Snook and I were there tonight. The one on the blog is the third. The other two are just as good. Don is amazing. He’s able to speak very naturally without a script into the camera — something most of us find very difficult to do. We had […]

My, how time flies when you’re having fun. To my surprise I was able to leave the hospital at 11AM on July 4th. As we left the hospital I said to Heather “Oh the smell of the fresh air, the warmth, the flowers!”. Heather replied “We’re only in the parking lot Don!” Well, I had […]

Today is July 10th, day before my 55th birthday, or as my dad likes to say the 34th anniversary of my 21st birthday. For many years I have always felt I had the energy of someone 10 years younger and acted accordingly. This is my first birthday that I feel not just my age but […]

I am now a year older having celebrating my 55th birthday last night. I think there were about 25 close neighbors and friends here. Heather prepared an amazing selection of desserts. I had been feeling weak all day and actually had been to Dr. Lee’s office for more testing. We also had the first visit […]

Don went in to see Dr. Doug Lee yesterday (Friday) afternoon. He has been feeling very weak and low on energy. He also continues to have a temperature. Dr. Lee checked him back into Northwest Hospital, to try to figure out exactly what kind of infection they’re dealing with, and why they have not been […]

It’s hard to believe I am back in Northwest Hospital again. On the other hand it is a bit of a relief since I have been feeling so weak. As Skip mentioned in his blog, I was admitted because of the concern that there was an infection that we had not yet isolated that was […]

Here it is Tuesday July 17th, I have been in the hospital since Friday. After a lot of discussion, and tears, Heather and the boys left for Canada/Malibu/to visit the Goffs at their lodge yesterday. The picture on the left is Heather tubing at Malibu (I think we made the right decision!). Meanwhile I have […]

Don has flown the coop! He left the hospital around noon to catch a Kenmore Air flight, but they only got as far as Port Ludlow because of bad weather. When I talked to him just a few minutes ago (6pm PDT) he had made it up to Victoria and cleared Canadian customs. They are […]

Don called me at 11am PDT to tell me he was in the float plane in Victoria Harbor, and they were just cleared for takeoff. The weather was bad throughout yesterday until late this morning, when there were nothing but blue skies between Victoria and Malibu. So by now, Heather and boys should have had […]

I can’t believe I have been here with the family. We have had a great time and I am feeling pretty good. I have some pain (4-6) but I can live with it. I had a good night’s sleep last night. Here are a few pictures: (1) Landing at the Goff’s Lodge, (2) Surprising Heather […]

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