What a difference a tube can make! Tomorrow it will be one week since I had my liver tube removed. By the lack of blogs over the last week I hope you know that means I have been doing well. It has been hard to get used to not having a tube- it has been […]

Obviously that is a question everyone with cancer or other serious illnesses asks. When I was told by my gastroenterologist, Dr Alex Reed, that the primary origin of my cancer was the lung I immediately thought of non-smokers who get lung cancer- the most recent I remember being the wife of Christopher Reeves, Dana Reeves […]

Here it is August 8th already and I have not taken the time to update you with a blog entry. The truth be known, I was hoping to make a video blog on the water here at Whidbey in the beautiful sun. For those of you who live in the Northwest you know that we […]

Since my last blog entry I have continued to feel great/almost normal. My temperatures have been greatly diminished and night sweats are gone. I am able to get around easily and have enjoyed lots of typical running-around type things we so often take for granted- going out to dinner, meeting a friend for coffee/tea, running […]

Yesterday I had Chemo again. I have continued to feel better and better every day leading up to Chemo. Heather said I even had that skip in my step again. Before Chemo we reviewed the CT scan taken on Tuesday. The results were overall good with some questions. The tumor in my liver and lung […]

Heather’s birthday on Whidbey was a smashing success. We had sun instead of the projected rain and I had lots of energy. I was able to mow the lawn, do some weeding, buy some lavender and plant it as a surprise for Heather, shop and make a large feast of Mexican food for her birthday […]

As I mentioned in yesterdays blog, it was a hard day. The afternoon took a sharp positive turn when Zack and Sarah arrived. They just returned from their honeymoon in Costa Rica last week and this was the first chance we really have had to be together and catch up on life. The laughter began […]

A Brief Update…

August 29, 2007 from Don | Encouraging Times, Quick Overview, The Whole Story | Comments Off on A Brief Update…

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Doug Lee to review my blood tests and talk about next steps for surgery. I have been feeling good now for 4 weeks although I have had to get IV fluids for dehydration once or twice a week. All my blood tests were good with no anemia or […]

Today we met with Dr Alex Read. She reviewed the results of the tumor biopsy and the colonoscopy. The tumor in the colon is pretty nasty- it is 1 inch by about 3 inches in the same area where the original biopsy occurred last October. The picture on the left shows the colon with the […]