It’s Sunday morning and we are at Whidbey with Heather’s sister Gail and brother-in-law Dave. We are having a great time and have been out fishing. Dave is like a brother to me and we both love fishing and just being together. I don’t really have much more to say today but I did want […]

Where did this expression come from anyway? I mentioned this to Skip and Heather today while we were meeting with Dr Barr. It feels like we are chasing rabbits down the rabbit hole. I did a little Google search and the most common reference to this expression is Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, first published […]

Today I had my normal blood workup and meeting with Dr Doug Lee, followed by chemo. My blood tests continue to look good. Doug and I had a good conversation about our meeting yesterday with Dr Barr. While he was hoping surgery could take a big chunk out of the tumor, he was also concerned […]

Having mentioned how hard it was to really see Johnny leave for his 6 months in Germany, I have had several guys share with me similar experiences. I think this is something that holds true for most of us when we hear the expression when our kids are young “Enjoy it while you can, they’re […]

Friday, on my way to Whidbey, I got a call from Dr Alex Read, my gastroenterologist and guardian angel. You might recall from my blog about a year ago that she actually diagnosed my cancer and was the one to tell me the bad news. Since that day she has always stayed in touch, working […]

En route to Kauai

September 13, 2007 from Skip | Encouraging Times, The Whole Story | Comments Off on En route to Kauai

Don & Heather are on their way to Hawaii. They left Seattle at 6am today through SFO, and are taking off from SF in a few minutes, a 5+ hr flight. Will keep you posted until Don reports after they’re there. Skip

They’re there

September 13, 2007 from Skip | Encouraging Times, Quick Overview | 1 Comment

Don & Heather arrived safely in Kauai, and just enjoyed a leisurely lunch. The sunshine is beautiful. Some might say he’s dancing not just on the edge of heaven, but he’s there. Over and out from me. I’ll now leave it to Don to report first hand to you from paradise.

It’s true we actually made it to Kauai. The flights were all on time and we arrived at Lihue Aiport, South Kauai about 12:30 today. After picking up our rental car and luggage we took a leisurely drive north to Princeville Resort. We had reserved a garden view room only to be surprised by a […]

Heather and I really love Kauai. It is similar in some ways to Maui 25 years ago or Kona 15 years ago. We have been relaxing and enjoying the sun and pool. Heather hates to pose but I just love to take pictures of her! Even though we have only been here 3 days, it […]

We have been having a great time here at Po’Ipu beach, the southernmost tip of Kauai. The Hyatt is beautiful with flowing pools, lagoons and amazing surf. Yesterday we had our helicopter tour with Inter-Island Helicopters. Heather was not really too excited about the idea. Our flight was in an open door Hughes 500 Helicopter […]

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