Well, obviously from my last e-mail I have been more than a little discouraged by the recent PET CT results. While I am not one to sit around the house moping, I have to admit I have gone out of my way to avoid talking about what I am feeling. When I start feeling sorry […]

It’s Saturday October 6th and I realize it’s been a several days since I have written. I have always been very candid in my blogs and I don’t expect that will change. This has been a very hard week for me and consequently for my family. While most of the time I am up and […]

Last night we had our monthly ‘Tool Group.” I’m not sure if I have talked about it before but several post-college friends had the idea of getting together and encouraging one another around the teaching of Jesus. Many of the guys are married and facing the challenge of wife, family, work, health, friends- how do […]

It’s been a few days since I have written to you and as I have said several times in the past, no news is good news. I have been feeling pretty good and playing some competitive ping pong with son Bo. He practices a lot with his friend Andrew and I am having to really […]

Just a short up-date today. Yesterday I started my new chemo, along with a flu shot, IV fluids and steroids. The steroids always make me feel like King Kong for a couple of days but not this time. I slept through most of the treatment and came home and slept the whole afternoon. We also […]

Don went into the emergency room at NW Hospital last night with a high fever. This morning he is still in the ER, but they are preparing a room for him to move upstairs. Heather is with him. He has not had a single strong day since his chemo last Thursday, which is discouraging to […]

I want to thank you for all your prayers. I am still in the hospital but my temperature has been normal for the last 24 hours. The thinking now is that the temperature was due to a side effect from the new chemo. Dr Ehni, my infectious disease specialist, put me on new IV antibiotics […]

Don wanted me to get something on the blog about our dinner last night. But first, a quick report on Don. He was released from the hospital this afternoon after spending a night without any fever. When I saw him at about 8:30pm just now he was very tired and sleepy, and didn’t have the […]

I must say it is good to finally be home. Not only was the time in the hospital unexpected, missing our Canlis dinner was certainly not part of our plans. I was pretty frustrated knowing Dan and Bart had traveled so far only to find me stuck in the hospital. When I was in the […]

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