Today is Sunday the 4th of November and I wish I could tell you I am feeling better, stronger. The truth is I am still very weak, maybe weaker than when I did my last video blog. I had a transfusion of platelets on Tuesday Oct 30th and a transfusion of RBC’s on Thursday instead […]

These are very hard days for Don. He is being admitted to NW Hospital right now. He is still feeling very fatigued, and his bilirubin count is still high. A steroids dose on Tuesday did not do much good. Antibiotics don’t seem to be working. He had a few good hours at Whidbey yesterday afternoon, […]

It is Saturday morning and I am still here at NW Hospital. No temperature last night so I may get to go home today- depends on bilirubin, antibiotics and pain. The CT scan I had yesterday showed no change in tumor size- they measured it 3X and are confident there has been no change in […]

Please pray like you haven’t prayed before for Don. I’m writing this at 7:50am Monday Nov 12. Don just called from the hospital. Doug Lee, his oncologist, talked to him this morning — a very hard talk. All the specialists agree Don’s current problems — high fever, bilirubin count, serious pains — come from the […]

A lot has happened in the last few days, so it’s time to update this blog. As you can probably guess, I am still in the hospital. This was a little frustrating since my cousins from California were in town to visit over the weekend. They came to the hospital Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday and Sunday. […]

I have had lots of good news related to the radiation oncology today. I decided to publish a short video blog so you could get a better picture of how good I am feeling. I had a little too much pain medicine this morning and I am a little loopy so a video is easier […]

Don’s journey for the past 15 months with cancer has been so filled with surprising twists and turns that we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. But even having said that, this week had some unusual downs and ups. It started with a phone call from Don at 7:30am Monday with some pretty ominous overtones. Oncologist […]

I just finished my 4th radiation treatment. I seem to be doing well although I tend to be a little spaced out. Heather spent the last 2 nights at the hospital with me which has been a real blessing. The next 11 doses will be the modulated radiation that will focus on a broader area […]

Some late developments from this morning. Doug Lee told Don this morning that his liver is failing, and it will be difficult to reverse that process. On the other hand, Bob Meier says he sees evidence that the radiation is having an effect in fighting the tumor. Is the situation critical? It is difficult to […]

Over the last few days my pain has continued as well as prolapse of my ileostomy. I also continue to to feel goofy and bloated. Yesterday Doug Lee stopped in with more difficult news- virtually all these things are coming from my liver which he has assessed is dying- my bilirubin also continues to remain […]

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