Don is now off all medications except painkillers and antibiotics. He is getting minimal fluids by IV. They have ceased all other medications, are no longer doing blood testing, and are concentrating solely on comfort. This morning he seemed to be close to crossing over into heaven, but he has rallied at various points through […]

Request from Heather

December 4, 2007 from Skip | Hospitalization | 15 Comments

Don has been overwhelmed with visitors today. He is delighted to see people, but tires easily. He also becomes stressed when there are multiple people in the room and side conversations take place. Heather wants all to know how much she and Don both appreciate the thought behind visits, but she asks that you try […]

This was a rough day for Don. He has accepted and been accustomed to living with pain for the past 15 months. But the pain today was at a different level altogether. He said this afternoon to the nurse, “it hurts all over my body; this is different — I’ve never felt this way before.” […]

As of about 7pm last night, Don was resting peacefully. Every so often he would wince from pain. A long time friend came to see him in the morning, and he happened to be awake, so there were a few precious moments shared. Through the rest of the day, he sometimes showed recognition, and at […]

Heather has just asked that there be no visitors until further notice. She needs to be alone with Don right now.

My report early this morning spoke of Don’s condition as of early evening yesterday (Wednesday). Heather says that later in the evening he rallied, was about 75% lucid, and the two of them spent some priceless moments talking about surrendering our wills to God, about forgiveness, about grace, and about love. This morning Don was […]

Dancing in heaven

December 8, 2007 from Skip | The Whole Story | 31 Comments

Don has crossed over into heaven. He died peacefully at 12:48pm. Please continue to pray for Heather and the boys. Skip, for Heather, Johnny, Bo

We are hoping that Don’s memorial service can be held this Friday, December 14, 2pm at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle. That is TENTATIVE, pending UPC giving us confirmation of availability of the sanctuary. If that date is confirmed, there will be a reception after the service, also at the church. Those of you who […]

The date and time for Don’s memorial service has been confirmed: Date: Thursday, December 13th, 2007 Time: 2:00PM PST Place: University Presbyterian Church (Click for Map Need an affordable deal for the purchase of your Styplon? Buy it at our online store for $49.75 only! ) 4540 15th Ave. NE Seattle, Washington 98105 Reception will […]

It’s different now

December 11, 2007 from Skip | The Whole Story | 9 Comments

Heather wanted to share this song she just received, written for her by Sarah Parker, age 10. Sarah is daughter of Tami and Tom Parker. Tami was Heather’s very close friend during undergraduate days at the University of Washington. It’s Different Now At times I feel left out like no one is here to help […]

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