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Today is another high point- this time for the liver. Remember, this is where we started at the end of September with a grapefruit size mass in the liver and a liver tube inserted by Dr Joseph to remove fluid from what was then thought to be an amoeba picked up in Latin America. A lot has happened since then and the most recurrent theme from each specialist seems to be “I’ve never seen anything like that before!” Today was no exception to the wild roller coaster ride that we have come to love.

Today I met with Dr Bill Ehni, my Infectious Disease specialist, to review the culture of the liver tube. Last e-mail I mentioned there were 3 nasty bugs and the concern was what to do them. Well, Dr Ehni could not have been more direct with me/us (Heather was with me). After asking lots of questions and examining my liver drain and bag, he said “Don, you don’t have an infection in your liver– maybe in the tube or bag, but not in the liver. You would have a temperature, pain of some kind, lack of appetite and white blood cells in the fluid.” He went on “Since your liver tube is now draining so little (2 ml/24 hours) I would just pull the tube and get it out of there. All of the bacteria identified are typical of what I would expect to see of someone on antibiotics as long as you’ve been on.” I explained to him that Dr Jensen and Dr Lee had decided to reduce the tube size every 2 weeks to make sure that there was no leakage– he felt this was OK although a very conservative approach. He closed with some very encouraging words- “The smell in your drainage is not infection or pus– it is the smell of dead cancer cells.” Suddenly that stink began to smell like the sweet perfume of Jesus.

The real surprise to me today was how direct Dr Ehni was. He is usually very quiet and conservative and is considered one of the top ID Specialists in the NW. He is very methodical and careful in diagnosis as I have experienced several times with him through this process. To have him make such bold and confident statements really got our attention.

Needless to say we are pretty happy about these results. I will be talking with Doug Lee later this afternoon and we will be scheduling the surgery to reduce to liver tube size sometime next week. Thank you for all your prayers.

Remember- God is Good-all the time- God is Good!

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