The Miracle Tunnel Between my Colon and Liver!

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Last night I thought I would be forwarding you a very sobering email from Don. Tonight, I just sit here astonished (a word I have used more during the past 3 months than I have in my entire life). So here are Don’s own words for your reading pleasure.

Skip, for Don & Heather

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in day surgery at Northwest Hospital getting my liver tube reduced to a smaller size in the hope we can remove it soon. Dr Ray Jensen reduced it about 3 weeks ago then we put the reductions on hold because of the concern about bacteria I reported last week. So yesterday we got back on track reducing the tube from a size 8 to a size 6 (looks like about 3mm from the outside diameter). The plan was ( yes was!) to reduce it again in 2 weeks to a 4 then 2 weeks later- PULL THE TUBE. The tube has been a blessing/curse ever since it was determined that my liver was filled with a tumor instead of an amoebic abscess. Everyone has been anxious to pull it but also fearful that the fluid left in the liver may cause further complications.

At the end of the procedure yesterday they injected a dye to make sure that the smaller tube did not leak into the abdominal cavity. That’s when we got the alarming news. The dye was not only appearing in the tube, it was appearing in my colon. There was/is a connection (tunnel) between my liver tumor and my colon. This was the worse case scenario Doug Lee gave us before starting chemo! Not great news to say the least.

As you know we have become accustomed to the roller coaster ride. Bad news one day becomes good news the next. In this case I thought, ‘ Well, the connection (new tunnel formed between my liver tumor and colon) discovered yesterday must have been there for a while and now we know it- since I have not had any internal bleeding maybe it is a blessing- now if we go to surgery at least my tumors have shrunk’. I called Alex Reed, my gastroenterologist and Doug Lee, my oncologist to make sure they knew the results and expected we would do some more CT scans and head off to surgery later in the week because of the news. I know it is crazy to say I was totally peaceful but it’s true. My sense of normal has changed so much in the last 3 months that I always feel like I am here but also not here, somehow walking (sometimes dancing) on the edge of a timeless spirit life filled with joy.

Heather and I met with Dr. Doug Lee this afternoon. After consulting with Dr Bill Ehni and Dr Ray Jensen he said “I have this figured out! Our worse fears have happened but we have some great news. Somehow your body has formed a channel or tube of scar tissue from your liver to your colon. The smell you have in your liver drain is actually coming from the colon. Your body has formed two tubes of scar tissue to drain the liver tumor. One tube of scar tissue is around the tube that was placed in your liver, the other tube your body made- this is a miracle!” “The liver has a choice to drain from either tube.”

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Needless to say we were astonished, yet not. Everything has been astonishing so why not? Doug went on “So we will keep on with the chemo as planned for as long as we can, leave in the plastic liver tube, watch for temperature and infection and lower your morphine to 30mg/day.” I asked him what usually happens with chemo and he said “The tumor usually does not shrink/die all the way, although it can.” So what does he think about how we are doing? “Your tumors are dying– that is why the tube/connection/fistula formed- this is GREAT news. From the CT scan results after 6 weeks we know that the tumors are shrinking quickly. This is all great news and we are very fortunate”. He also said “This also means that we will need to have surgery to remove the tube of scar tissue between the colon and liver and to remove what ever tumor is left. You look great, you are responding great and I just could not be more optimistic- this is REALLY GOOD NEWS- and I am the most pessimistic guy in this office usually!”

Thank you, thank you everyone for all your prayers. I have no doubt that I will live exactly the number of years/months/days/hours that God intends and your prayers are a great reminder knowing that the greatest miracle happened as we began this journey. I almost forgot- I’ve attached a picture that Heather took with her cell phone from yesterday. The long dark line is the liver tube that connects to the outside. The large dark area is the abscess in the liver filled with dye. To the right of the tube is a very short wide line that connects to several lighter spheres on the bottom right of the screen (the colon). This is the natural tube connecting the liver and the colon.


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