A Surprise Visit to the ER

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As you know chemo went well last Thursday. The new antibiotics prescribed by Dr Bill Ehni, my infectious disease specialist, continue to work well and the pain in my side is minimal now. Dan Jessup arrived on Friday afternoon while Heather and Bo headed to Crystal for a long ski weekend with friends from school. I took Dan out to Daniel’s Broiler on Lake Union and we had a great meal and conversation together. Saturday we ran some errands to Northgate Mall and U Village while I still had energy.

By Saturday afternoon my chemo effects kicked in and I was ready for bed. We hung low and watched a movie. Sunday morning I slept in a bit, showered then headed downstairs. As I fed the dog, got the paper and thought about breakfast, I began to get light headed, nearly passing out a few times. Finally I realized I was going to pass out and headed for the sofa. I didn’t quite make it and ended up landing on the floor next to the sofa. Fortunately Dan heard the thump and was at my side almost before I hit the ground. I landed on my hands and knees missing the coffee table and landing without any injury. I called my Oncologist, Dr Doug Lee and he asked us to head to the hospital for a CT scan of the head.

Johnny, Dan and I headed to Northwest hospital about 9:30 AM on Sunday morning. The brain scan was normal (again!) and my blood pressure was very low. I was given 2 liters of IV saline and sent home to watch the playoffs (how about Manning and those Colts!). I was also anemic and was told I’d have another blood test on Monday (today). I had a painful afternoon and evening almost heading to the hospital again when my temperature hit 100.7 at 11:30 PM (because of chemo, a temp of 101 is the time to head for the hospital). Dan prayed for me and my temperature went back down below 100 for the rest of the night.

Today I woke up feeling good, with little pain. We headed to Dr Lee’s office for another blood test and my hematocrit had returned to an acceptable range– so no transfusion required. For 4 days after my 4th chemo, I feel great. It’s the battle, some days are hard, some days are good, but every day is a great day.

God is Good- all the time- God is Good!


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