Feeling Stronger Day by Day

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Today is Friday, March 30th, 3 days since my chemotherapy. As I mentioned last time, I am feeling great and somehow stronger every day. Of course it is great to know from the CT scans while I was in the hospital last weekend that my liver tumor is shrinking. This is so good since I am on the new chemotherapy, and it means the new chemo is working. My hair also continues to grow and it is now a healthy coating of peach fuzz all over my head. My temperature also continues to remain near normal without medication.

Yesterday I went to the allergist and he said there was no sign of allergy that he could determine. The medical team at NW Hospital had wondered if the high temperatures last week had something to do with allergic reactions to new medications. It was a beautiful spring day, over 60 degrees. I decided to walk home from the doctor- a good 2-2.5 miles. While this does not seem far compared to my daily 5-6 mile runs to and around Greenlake last summer, it is the farthest I have walked since I was diagnosed with cancer last year. I felt great when I got home.

I have chemotherapy again next Thursday.

God is Good-all the time-God is Good!



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