25th Week and 9th Chemotherapy

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This from Don at 11pm last night (4/6). His hair continues to grow back. We kidded yesterday about him losing his “turtlehead” look.

Skip, for Don & Heather

I had no idea it has been so long since my last update. While I had mentioned in my e-mail of March 30th, my next chemotherapy was Tuesday April 3rd, it was actually yesterday,Thursday April 5th. The carboplatin level of chemotherapy was increased and everything went well. Bart Tarman flew in for a few days from Washington DC. Heather, Bart and Art Kopicky were able to be with me during chemotherapy and it seemed like it was over before we began. The steroid I am given with the anti-nausea medication always makes me feel like King Kong for 2-3 days so I am now in the middle of that wonderful time. The three days with Bart seemed to fly by and it was a huge blessing since he also flew out during my initial cancer diagnosis. Several friends stopped by in the afternoon and it could not have been more perfect if I had scheduled it myself.

The strength and joy I have experienced over the last week continues every day and my night sweats are greatly received by Aleve. Both Dr Lee and Dr Ehni are concerned that they cannot determine a source for my night temperatures. The day of chemotherapy my liver drain was draining mainly blood so I had a CT scan after the chemotherapy to make sure all was OK. The thought was there might be a abscess in the liver. The CT scan did not reveal anything abnormal so the temperature remains a mystery. This is not the first mystery we have been through. Welcome to the Ups and Downs of Stage 4 Cancer!

Those of you that are not from the Northwest would be amazed by our weather. It was in the mid 60’s yesterday and mid 70’s today. So many trees and flowers remain in full bloom it is difficult to avoid a walk or run. During my walk today I was wishing I could remove my liver tube and take off for Greenlake. For now I will have to settle for walks- it is much easier to enjoy conversations with friends and view all the flowers at a walking pace.

My prayers are that we might be able to figure out the source of my night temperature and that the chemotherapy continues to shrink my tumors.

Thank you for all your prayers. God is Good- all the time- Good is Good.


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