Prayer for Foot Pain

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I had a CT scan today with and without dye injected through the liver tube. The dye flowed normally into the liver (not plugged) and also into the colon. This was a little surprising since we thought the connection between the colon and liver had been closed off with additional scar tissue, resulting in lower fluid flow from the colon to the liver. The radiologist (Dr. Whipple) was new to my case, and he was initially alarmed about the dye showing up in the colon. When I explained it to him he agreed it was good news that the flow was between the colon and liver, and not into the abdomen. It could be I have low fluid levels from my liver because it is now draining from the liver into the colon. But as we know from recent experience, this could change with the wind!

So that leaves us uncertain as to what is causing the swelling and increasing pain under the skin around the opening to my liver tube since there is no blockage or infection.

As I have been more out and about, I have noticed that the neuropathy in my feet has affected my walking. My right foot is a little numb and as I walk it takes a little concentration to walk properly. It has not affected my balance or ability to walk but my foot does slap the ground a slight amount (something probably only I notice). No complaints here- it’s a battle.

Other than that I feel good and my spirits are high. It is so good to be a week out of my last chemotherapy.



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