If you are still looking for your Ventolin at a lower price than on the most of the market, you’ve found it! Buy ventolin only for $30.26 right here! If you are searching for an affordable price for your Colospa, visit us to get it only for 1.21! Last night (Tuesday) we finally celebrated Bo’s 14th Birthday (January 30th). Last week he was sidelined with a snowboarding injury (broken wrist) followed by a nasty flu bug. Bo is definitely a carnivore and decided he wanted to go to the Buenos Aires Grill downtown for a large steak. Uncle Dave (my brother in law), his two daughters Heather and Kris, Grandpa and Grandma all joined us for the celebration. After about an hour my feet began to ache to the point that I had a very difficult time sitting. Heather took my feet one at a time and massaged them under the table– a secret servant. Finally I had to get up and walk around, then asked Dave to drive me home before dessert. I was sad to leave the party but knew I was more a distraction than a participant in the fun. After Dave dropped me off at home I immediately took off my shoes and socks and began walking laps throughout the downstairs rooms. The contrast of cold hardwood, area rugs and heated floors helped ease pain, bringing life back into my feet. At bedtime my foot pain returned to the point I was unable to sleep and had tears from the pain. Heather again massaged my feet and I told her how discouraged I was. Here I was two days before my next chemo, for the first time not feeling prepared for the chemo and more pain. After another 30 minutes of deep pain I took two 15 mg quick release morphine to try and get some relief. After another 20 minutes, about 11:45 PM, with no relief, I decided to get up and do some more laps downstairs.

As I walked I began to pray. I asked Jesus to take the pain away and to give me an encouraging result from my latest CT scan. Then as I continued to walk and cry in pain I felt an urge to change my prayer to endurance and perseverance to withstand the pain so that I may be able to learn all that God wants me to learn through this current pain. I then returned to bed and fell asleep after about 20 minutes of watching David Letterman. I woke up at 3:30AM wide awake and free of pain. As I lay in bed I prayed for many friends and family. At about 4AM I finally got up and decided to journal and do some reading.

Today has been an amazing day with a few scheduled meetings and several unexpected drop-ins that seemed to flow at just the right time. Even though the morphine had long ago dissipated through my system, I was essentially pain free all day long. From one meeting to another, including Bharath, Tom and Bob, Grandma, Nancy, Travis, and Stead, I was more energized than ever. Sometime during the middle of the day I remembered my prayer from last night and smiled knowing my prayer had been answered time and time again today. How sweet it is to share intimate conversations with friends and family. Suddenly I feel more than ready for my chemo tomorrow.

God is good all the time- God is Good.


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  1. Javier Tola on February 8, 2007 1:09 pm

    no new are good news,
    I want to know how are you feeling, i want to know about your family.
    don’t let the time go so fast and know nothing about our lives.
    un gran abrazo,

    Javier Tola from Lima the capital of the people who believe in the fairies!

  2. Don on February 9, 2007 1:12 pm

    My brother,
    No news is always good news- if it is bad and I am unable to write, Skip will write as he has done in the past. This last week has been so sweet, the pain in my side from my liver tube has been almost non-existent while the pain in my feet goes up and down. It is usually hard when I go to bed but I take medication and am able to sleep. I usually wake up about 5AM and pray,walk, read, and journal. I am also putting together all the e-mails and some of the journal in a book form so others that do not know me but need encouragement in serious illness can read it. This keeps me very energized, the idea of helping others. The name of the book or syllabus is “Dancing on the edge of Heaven” because that is how I feel. One moment I am here talking and the next moment I feel like it is a Heavenly,timeless moment- so I dance back and forth like one foot in heaven and the other out.

    I continue to have dreams and visions that encourage me so much. They give me hope for the future and humble me knowing I have an opportunity to participate in Gods work in such a clear way. This last week I had several friends and groups of friends come by and we had sweet times- dancing together on the edge of heaven. Most of the time we talked about eternity and what it is like to not be controlled by time. Everything we do is organized my time, and obviously is quite important. But as we die and appear in Heaven, time vanishes and we are with friends from the past and future but we are not aware of it- all we are aware of is that we are together and conversations and activities have no boundary of time. Sometimes we experience something like this when we are with special people at special moments, time seems to stop- I remember this feeling when you came to visit us from Peru and we went to the Mariners game.There you were standing at your seat, in your mariners hat saying ” Don, I never thought I would do this in my life, thank you brother!”.

    When we read the Lords prayer remember it says “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on the earth as it is in Heaven”. What I think God and Jesus is saying to us is that we can see the Kingdom, this sense of Heaven on earth when we take times with others and can be 100% present, not distracted by anything and go deep together, in conversation, or what ever it is, living it to the fullest and then we are able to have that sense of timelessness and we are dancing together on the edge of heaven, in the Kingdom, on earth as it is in Heaven.

    My question is, can we live this way without serious issues in our life. As you know the bible often talks about embracing, rejoicing in pain and suffering. I know that is because are hearts open to Heaven on Earth.Is it possible Javier to live this way when we are in times of joy- when there is nothing that brings us to our knees in our inability to solve things, but rather in Thanksgiving.
    I love you brother. I m so grateful that God chose to weave our hearts together, when we are physically worlds apart. This is so much a Kingdom thing again that you can be in Peru and I can be in Seattle and we can feel that we are together, our hearts touch, I feel your presence with me and you feel mine.

    Thank you for loving me brother, thank you for your prayers and the prayers of Rose and your dear family.

    God is Good, all the time, Good is Good!

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