Fifth Chemotherapy and Latest CT Scan results!

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This from Don as of about 4PM today. Please pray for (1) the CT scan results,

The report below from Don covers events that happened mostly on Thursday 2/8. The reason for the delay in sending this to you is that Don has been working on the attached graphics. He is so excited at the results he wanted to share them with you in pictures, and not just text. I got his final email past midnight last night, so now we’re finally ready to share all this good stuff. Note especially the CT overview.jpg (Click to enlarge) .Cyd & I have been this week in frigid NYC, where it has been like living in a freezer. We’re here for one of our two per year Metropolitan Opera binges. Thursday around noon Cyd & I had just walked into a midtown store when I checked my Treo email and saw ct-overview.jpegone from Don telling about the “stellar” results on the CT scans. I started reading it to Cyd, and was overcome with emotion, and had to exit the store (into about zero degree wind chilled weather) for 5-10 minutes to get hold of myself, and come back in the store. I think the security guy thought I was crazy. Friends and family who love Don & Heather & the boys, these CT scans are purely and simply a joy to behold. As Don & I chatted on the phone last night, we agreed the lung tumor can now be best described as a puny little guy. And the puny runt has more nightmares coming his way.

There have been times when I’ve had to pass on news that wasn’t so happy. This morning, let’s all rejoice.

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