Neuropathy in my Feet Getting Worse!

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It has been a few days since my last update. I really have very little to report. The pain from my liver tube is almost nonexistent which enables me to get around easier and to have much better sleep. The pain in my feet continues- one minute like fire and the other minute like they are frozen. With morphine I can reduce the pain for about 10-12 hours to a tolerable level. When I talked with Dr Doug Lee last Friday night he said that he is very concerned about my foot neuropathy, that it could be permanent and I could become crippled. We may have to reduce the Taxol again or change drugs completely. I reminded him that if the choice is being dead or crippled- I choose crippled since I know I can still accomplish a great deal even if I am cruising around in a wheelchair.

Many weeks ago, I sent an e-mail telling everyone not to pray for my healing but instead to rejoice in the miracle that has already been done and that the Lord’s will simply be done with respect to my healing. I also asked everyone to read Mark chapt. 2 to understand what I meant. Well, Saturday morning I woke up thinking about Mark 2 again. This time it was a little later in the scripture where Jesus says to the crippled man, “Get up, take your mat and walk!”  The feeling I immediately had was that I needed to get up and walk (I don’t have mat- maybe I will have to look into that). The only way the neuropathy is going to get better is to walk through the pain. I walked 10 blocks on Saturday, 8 blocks on Sunday (part of them with you) and 8 blocks today. While I still have the foot pain, it does feel slightly like the toes are beginning to thaw. So, I will keep walking every day, taking in all the amazing smells and getting a glimmer of so many plants and trees beginning to bud. When I told Heather about this she reminded me she has been telling me for weeks that walking might be helpful. I reminded her that Jesus carries a little more clout than she does when he asks me to do something! She laughed but I think a payback might be coming!

Saturday night we had a rare evening out with friends in a Madison Park restaurant. After about an hour into the dinner my feet really began to hurt. Heather was not sitting where she could massage my feet with her hands. This naturally became the discussion of the table and the ladies all took off their shoes and massaged my feet with their feet as we ate. I had a hard time not groaning too loud while I ate. My feet felt better within minutes but of course I didn’t want to let them know.  I won’t forget that evening for a while.

This week is rest and preparation for next week’s chemo. I also look forward to meeting with friends and getting some work done with Simio, the start-up software company I am a co-founder of. We will also be scheduling a meeting with Dr Jorge Reyes and the liver panel at the UW Liver Transplantation Unit. They did the initial evaluation prior to chemo so this will be the 12 week follow-up to assess how close we are to surgery.

Thank you for all you prayers, calls, and encouraging notes. I feel more energized this week than I have in several weeks. Maybe there is something to this walking through pain!

God is Good- All the Time- God is God!


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