Not too much to report since my last update. My toes and balls of my feet continue to hurt a great deal with little relief from morphine or other medications. I am hopeful some of the meds I started in the last week will kick in. Right now I seem to sleep a lot more and have a difficult time reading or concentrating on anything for too long. I also have a new topical neuropathy med from dear friend and podiatrist, Stan Newell.

Dr Alex Read, my gastroenterologist called me to check in. She has really been my guardian angel, always making sure the right doctors are engaged at the right time. Last month she advised me to put up with the neuropathy to give the chemo a better chance to work. Today she said she agreed with Dr Lee, that it was time to stop the Taxol. She was also less concerned about changing chemo than she was about causing permanent nerve damage. While the neuropathy often begins in the hands or feet it can spread to other parts of the body with excruciating pain. She feels confident other chemo agents will work on the tumors. We also talked about surgery and she said that until the liver tumor is about 3mm it is better to wait- the tumor right now is 6-8 mm.

As I mentioned last e-mail, we moved my next chemo from this Thursday to next Monday (3/5) . I had planned to participate in the Governors Prayer Breakfast (this Friday), Washington Student Leadership (this Thur – Sat), which I am co-hosting with Jack McMillan, and GLOCAL (this Wed – Thur) – a step toward Functional Unity, sponsored by Bakke University and the Coalition for Community Development. In talking this over with Heather we agreed that it would be better if I canceled these meetings because of my foot pain and resulting lack of ability to concentrate or sit too long. This is more than a little frustrating and discouraging for me especially when the rest of my body feels great.

This is one of my more discouraging weeks. I just hope and pray that my foot neuropathy will diminish and the new chemo we start on Monday will be effective.

My prayer now would be for patience, perseverance with the pain and renewed joy in the midst of all the change and uncertainty.


God is Good-All the Time- God is Good!


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  1. Lee Rolfe on February 28, 2007 1:54 pm

    Skip and Don,
    You are in such good hands I continue to pray and find inspiration in your letters. Sending love,

    Lee Rolfe

  2. Rod Wilson on February 28, 2007 1:56 pm

    Some time I will tell you about why the most significant thing that is said in our church every Sunday is- God is good all the time; all the time God is good.

    When I read it in each of your e-mails it makes me realize that you are dealing with the core reality of all that you are going through.

    Keep at it good soldier.


  3. Gary Darmstadt on February 28, 2007 1:58 pm

    Dear Don:
    A friend recently gave me the CD, Arriving, by Chris Tomlin. Do you have it? Please listen to the track “Unfailing Love”. I think of you every time I hear it. I had to pull over the other day when I heard the song and your last mail before this one came to mind in which you related the difficulty of the neuropathy. His Love is unfailing – you already know that, but I think the song hits the cord perfectly.

    In His Unfailing Love,


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