The report below from Don as of about 7:30PM tonight. Tonight he told me his is regaining some feeling in his feet where it had been numb from nerve damage caused by the Taxol. His feet also looked much better — not swollen, like they have been for some time. This is good news.

Skip, for Don & Heather

It’s time for another update. As you know I had my new chemo on Monday- that along with the change in morphine really put me into LaLa Land by Monday night. Tuesday I was told by my family that I was hallucinating a bit and talking gibberish (So what’s new!). Heather quickly figured out the dose of the extended release morphine was too high and lowered it back to my previous level of 30 mg. Little did she know that I went into the medications cabinet and increased the morphine back to the prescribed 105 mg thinking she had forgotten to increase the dose. By Tuesday afternoon Heather figured out what I was doing and banned me from the medicine cabinet.

About 5AM Wednesday morning I came out of LaLa Land and was able to talk and pray with Heather for about 45 minutes. After praying together I recall her first words being “Welcome back!” Pain is now low in the feet- I am using the topical neuropathy medication 4X a day that Stan Newell, the podiatrist gave me, along with Lyrica which is replacing the Cymbalta. I spent most of the day sleeping.

Today, Thursday is the first day I can actually read and write without blurred vision. My pain is tolerable although I did take 30mg of quick release morphine this morning. Several friends have been giving me a bad time about the unintelligible e-mails I sent out Monday and Tuesday! The funny thing is I can’t even make sense of them!

We are planning to head to Whidbey tomorrow afternoon- this will be the first time we have been there since Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait. I also have a Teleios Foundation board retreat Friday night and Saturday morning on Whidbey Island with about 12-14 dear friends. I am hoping to stay with the family at our beach house and shuttle back and forth to the retreat. I am looking forward to a terrific weekend.

Monday I have chemo again and with the reduced morphine I hope to be feeling good all week. Attached is a picture of Heather and me at the Washington Student Leadership gathering in Olympia last weekend in conjunction with the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. The students arranged for Heather and me to sit on a couch placed on the stage while I spoke.

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

God is Good, All the Time, God is Good!


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  1. Molly Nordstrom on March 8, 2007 2:22 pm

    Dear Don and Heather,
    You and your dear family are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love you guys!!! 🙂


  2. Juan Edgar Picado on March 8, 2007 2:26 pm

    Very dear brother Don:

    So thrilled to receive your e-mail and to realize how much better you are doing. I think that both Zack and Sarah are a wonderful couple and is a privilege to have them so close as you have them. I asked them to be in close contact when they arrive to Costa Rica, just to be available for them and assist in whatever way we can ! I think is a wonderful idea for them to spend their last night at the Marriott.

    Don I have been very well fortunately, Don. What an incredible coincidence to realize that you were also a good friend with Doug Holladay; since I met Doug through the generous introduction of Doug Coe back in 1976, we have remained VERY CLOSE to each other through the year and we are together at least twice a year. I was driving with him when he sent you the message telling you that we were together in Naples. We just couldn´t believe what we just were realizying. I found out about your friendship because of an e-mail that Doug sent to several of us in reference to some statistics and how everything changes so fast. Your name was in that list of recipients of Doug!

    Don, I will certainly love to visit you…couldn´t be something better than doing that, but, you don´t worry at all on this, let´s leave it to The Lord and see how this could work out. Let´s plan more on detail once you have your surgery to remove your liver tube and the chemo. We will be together soon, and my prayers are right now for that, don. You are such a great brother remembering me in the midst of this great test that you are facing with great dignity and flexibility in the midst of your human nature !
    Will be anxiously awaiting for your next report. You just can´t believe how excited I feel because of the answers to prayer that you are experiencing !

    Can´t realize how impacting has been this e-mail from you. This teach me a lot of things, but beyond anything, that you love The Lord and that you love your brothers. You may realize that this is likewise!

    A very big ABRAZO for you…He is absolutely good…so good!

    Much love to you, Heather and the kids!

    Your brother FOREVER,

    Juan Edgar

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