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The below is from Don as of about 4pm today.

For the past couple of weeks Don and a good friend, James Snook, have been working on a blog site that will have all the updates plus more of Don’s journaling. It will allow you to respond as well.

It is still a work in progress, but the hope is that the people on the email distribution lists would be able to get updates both by email and by accessing the blog site. You could also look up past updates, as well as other stuff that Don has written during this experience. Those of you familiar with blogs will know exactly what to do to post comments. We hope to come up with some easy step instructions for doing more than just navigating through the blog site in the near future.

Heather and the boys got back early this evening, so the house is alive again.

Skip, for Don & Heather


It seems like time has flown by these last few days. I had chemotherapy last Thursday then felt great until Saturday night. Heather, Johnny and Bo headed out to Big White in Canada for spring skiing Saturday-Tuesday courtesy of a dear friend, Phil Neiswender. I had great plans for Easter Sunday but ended out sleeping from Saturday evening until Monday afternoon. No wonder it seems like time has flown by. Sunday morning I got up briefly and being somewhat dehydrated fell down in the bathroom and decided it might be a good idea to sleep there for a few minutes. I got up and climbed back into bed and called the Doctor. Since I had not damaged anything and had no temperature I was told I could come into the hospital for IV fluids or stay home and drink a lot of fluids. Since I had Grandma caring and watching over me as well as Wes and Skip, I decided staying home was a good idea- after all I could watch the finals of the Masters at Atlanta on the big screen. I ended up falling asleep and only catching glimpses of it from the bedroom TV. Sunday afternoon. Wes, who lives next door, was able to check on me every hour- what a guy. I had to laugh because I had three dinners dropped by to enjoy. Chris Canlis, Wes Anderson and Skip Li- how do you choose? Well, I have to say I was too weak to eat so I enjoyed blueberry and mango smoothies from Wes and enjoyed the dinners Monday afternoon and Tuesday as I came back to life. Monday I was able to walk a few blocks and enjoy spring bursting out everywhere.

Today I woke up with lots of energy, perhaps knowing that Heather and the boys would be home. Heather sent me an e-mail yesterday thanking Phil for recharging her soul. How great it is that a few days of skiing can give her that kind of lift. She always cares so much for me sometimes I forget the subconscious and conscious pressure she is under. I can hardly wait to see her!

Grandma took me to see Dr Lee today. My red cells were normal, which is good since I have been losing blood from my liver bag the last few days. My white count is low and for the first time he indicated that my white count was dangerously low so he put me back on Levaquin to make sure my nightly temperature is not due to any liver infection. The blood in the liver bag may be good news if it is a result of tumor cells dying, or bad news if it is simply further death of the healthy liver cells.

We also talked about last 2 CT scans since I was a little confused about the last results taken last week. When I was in the hospital I had a CT scan which indicated my lung tumor was the same size but my liver tumor had shrunk. This was good news since we were already on the new chemotherapy. The CT scan I had last week showed no change from the hospital CT scan. While this is not unusual since it had only been a week, Dr Lee was hoping we would see more reduction in the liver or lung tumors. This means we are still waiting to see if the new chemo is working as well as the Taxol. I have a week off next week then 2 weeks of chemo followed by my next CT scan. That will be the important CT scan to tell us how we are doing on this strategy. The fuzz on my head continues to grow and I hope that my healthy liver cells are doing the same thing.

Please pray that the current chemotherapy would continue to kill all my tumor cells.

God is Good, all the time, God is Good!


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  1. Javier on April 8, 2007 4:09 pm

    Thank you Skip, we wish you a Happy Easter !

    How amazing is all you tell us about you. We can figure you with all your dear friends with you and the family always together. This make you feel bether we guess and bad times are less heavy. We are very happy to hear you feel better and everything continues under control except the fever…let us pray!

    The Lord price you with the weather around you, we can imagine all the gardens and flowers .

    We wish you, Heather and the boys a Happy Easter, Jesus is with you.


    Javier and Rosi

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