I continue to move a little slow this week, some days not getting out of bed until afternoon. I forget that having chemotherapy 2 weeks in a row makes the second week even harder to adapt to.

We did manage to make a short trip to Whidbey on Thursday with our visiting friends, Mike and Linda. I apologize to those of you that got a e-mail update from the Blog describing some wonderful times at Whidbey boating- that Blog was actually dated October 23, 2006. It was re-sent in error as some of the pictures were updated. While our time Thursday at Whidbey was wonderful, it was cold and without sun or salmon fishing!

We left Whidbey early Friday morning so I could check into day surgery with Dr Whipple, my Interventional Radiologist, to have my liver tube checked for placement using fluoroscopy. Since it has been in for a couple of months they decided to remove the tube and replace it with a fresh one. I was home by 1PM, after the pain medications wore off!

I am moving a little slower today, since the surgery/liver tube replacement tends to beat me up a bit. My side aches and feels bruised and will hurt for a few days. It has been over a full week since my last chemotherapy. For some reason today it struck me that although I highly value tasting every breath, living every day as if it were my last, I am not often able to do this while taking on the battle of destroying my cancer with chemotherapy. When I am tired, I am reminded by family and friends that sleep is good, that I’m in a battle and sleep helps my body. While I believe this most of the time, and can explain scientifically why additional sleep is essential, there are also times I wish I could just suck it up and be alert and more fully alive for my boys now. Heather and I get our sweet times together but I can’t say that is true for our 13 year old Bo, or 16 year old Johnny. I think more about this as we enter our 7th month of this journey and summer vacation approaches. I really want to think of some creative ways to be able to connect with the boys over summer vacation. I am open to ideas of 1-4 day duration!

As we work to shrink my liver tumor to 3 cm so I can have surgery, I also recognize that the surgery will not be minor with re-sectioning of my colon and removal of what remains of the liver tumor. I am told I could be in the hospital for 30 days. While I want that surgery to come soon because I will also have the liver tube removed at that time, I hate the idea of losing a month of summer with the boys while in the hospital. On the other hand, what’s sacrificing one month of summer for the chance to have many summers together in the future? That’s an easy answer unless your oldest son is 16 and heading away to college in another year.

Ultimately I trust that these things will all work themselves out-they always do! We will have a rich time together as a family regardless of where we are. I am so grateful we were able to take the boys to Europe last summer, for their first time. That was a true adventure we will all never forget. None of us knew that cancer was growing in my body at the time, and everything worked out-perfectly.

Thanks for all the kind e-mails and Blog comments. They are really a blessing and encouragement to me- especially on those days when I am moving slow.

God is Good, all the time, God is Good.



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  1. Tom Jonez on April 15, 2007 11:21 am

    To Don:

    Yes you may be moving slow these days, but we join with the many people who are glad you are alive to move. We are thankful for you!

    Very truly yours,

    Tom, Faye and Aneliese

  2. ssywulka on April 15, 2007 10:20 pm

    Wish you could come to Guatemala this weekend with the Agros group. We will be thinking of you and praying for you.


  3. Piero Cohen on April 16, 2007 4:53 pm

    Hello buddy.

    Always thinking of you and your family. We pray for you often and I forward Jaffa my emails so she can also share the wonderful and inspiring person you are. Wednesday I lost a first cousin to cancer. It took him in three weeks. An extremely aggressive Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Such is life. I do not want to lose you! Thank you for reminding us there are great men in this world. We wish people like you could be with us forever.

    With all our love,

    Piero, Jaffa, Piero, Sofia & Graciela
    Managua, Nicaragua

  4. Pat & Patti Watters on April 19, 2007 8:00 am

    Dear Don, So, you apologized for that “old” blog message going out, except that God had intended that to happen all along! That message, forwarded by several people and finally reaching me via Annie Fish, prompted more distribution, which resulted in more “connections” to your journey and website, AND more importantly more prayer warriors joining in at another criticial juncture. He always knows what He’s doing, huh?! and yes, He is good, all the time, He is sooooooo GOOD! Praying, Pat (for Patti, too)

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