We are Blessed!

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I have to say that today was a quiet and somewhat dull day. Other than the ache in my back from falling on Sunday morning, I had really no other aches or pains. I have been thinking about next steps, the plan if you will. Tomorrow I have a CT scan at noon to measure my liver and lung tumor sizes. I am told that 3cm is the goal for the liver tumor before we even consider operating. The last time we measured it was while I was still on Taxol and the liver tumor was 5-6cm. I am actually hopeful for surgery. I know it is not without risk but having one of the best surgeons in the country conducting the operation, I feel confident in his ability.

Of course if the liver tumor is not any smaller it indicates the current chemotherapy is not working and we will have to make other plans to continue to attack the tumors. At this point I think that will be a cocktail developed by tGEN from their DNA analysis of the tumors several months ago.

I woke up from a nap this afternoon where Jesus was talking to Heather and me. He reminded us how blessed we are, then I woke up. He left the many ways we are blessed for us to expound on. I have to say it took me by surprise and I wasn’t really feeling that blessed today. So this idea of being blessed was that much harder to hear. Yet, I found myself thinking about it all afternoon, the more I thought the more blessed I felt.

Heather and I were able to take a walk today, in the sunshine and I shared the dream with her. It was much easier for her to count our blessings. It is amazing to be in the middle fighting this Stage 4 cancer, feeling blessed in my spirit. Regardless of what the physical body is going through, there is this deep sense of blessing and gratitude. As hard as any physical ailment can be, there are always a dozen ways it could be much worse. Somehow in severe illness it is easier to sense the spirit, the soul and somehow differentiate them from the physical body. So today in the midst of post-chemotherapy blues/blahs, I am a blessed man, a blessed husband, a blessed dad, a blessed uncle and a blessed friend.

God is Good, All the Time, God is Good!


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