Going Home Tonight!

May 4, 2007 from Don | Encouraging Times, Hospitalization, Photos, Quick Overview, The Whole Story, Ups and DownsComments Off on Going Home Tonight! | ««Previous - Next»»

I just got word from Dr Ehni that he got the lab results and I can head home tonight. Back on very high dose antibiotics, Leviquin 500 mg, for 10 days. I also am delighted to have spoken and prayed with Dr Jeff Trent and we are going to have Dr Von Hoff and Dr Doug Lee talk and review the DNA analysis of my tumors to consider new strategies for chemo next week (MolecularProfiling.com).

hospt-pull-up.jpg I will also have to get my port-a-cath replaced on the opposite side of my chest next week. I am feeling great and energized . I received a very encouraging e-mail from a dear friend, Piero, in Nicaragua a few days ago. I think it is a good way to close for today:

“My family and I love you very much and our prayers are with you always. Beat this shit! I miss you”

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