I can’t even begin to describe my weekend- it has been almost magical. I have felt so good, with so much energy I have tried to take advantage of every minute, fully expecting to get tired and rundown. Somehow, no doubt through all the prayers, I have had sustained energy which has really enabled me to live every minute of the weekend to the fullest.

I got out of the hospital about 7PM on Friday. I went from the hospital to a music concert at Johnny and Bo’s school. Bo was in a drumming circle along with about 12 other students, a teacher and a drummer from Africa who has been teaching them at school. It was so cool- They were drumming so hard you could see the larger drums (that Bo was playing) vibrate across the stage.

I had a great sleep Friday night then Saturday went to a bachelor party for a dear friend/brother/son Zack who is getting married in June. He invited me to be a groomsman so that should be fun since I will be about 25 years older than the rest of the guys!

Saturday night we went to a Cinco de Mayo party at our neighbors and several of the husbands put on an amazing Mexican play filled with lots of gunfire and romance.

I went to sleep about 9PM last night and woke up at 3:30AM wide awake and full of energy. I prayed for about an hour then got up an journaled.. That is my old early morning rhythm from November-January until the chemo really kicked in. After journaling I came back to bed for a while. This morning, when Heather woke up, I brought her breakfast in bed- she does that for me every morning so it was fun to return the favor at least once. It was just granola and coffee but it was a great way to start the morning together.

Today Johnny and I went to see Spiderman 3 at the IMAX Theater in Seattle Center (Bo had a sleepover at a friends house). This is the first time I have been able to be out with Johnny since December. We had a great time- we got the last two tickets and arrived in time to get great seats. It was so fun watching the movie, chomping on popcorn and giant pretzels and talking about all the special effects. He wants to go to film school when he graduates from University Prep so he catches everything in the movie.

Bo got home about a half hour before Johnny and I returned home. He was hungry so Bo and I headed down to Burgermaster together next to University Village. We had a great time talking about track. He is in the shotput, hurdles, relay and 800 in track this year at University Prep and doing great. He would really like to pole vault so he will be going to a track camp this summer where he can give it a try. Since I love track and gave it my best in school we had a lot to talk about. Again, not having time like this since December, it was precious.

So that brings us to 5PM Sunday. I hope to make it to 7PM church tonight but we’ll see how it goes. In Spiderman there was a criminal that broke out of jail (I won’t give it away) and as I watched the movie I thought that described so well what I have been feeling this weekend- I have broken out of the jail of my cancer and been as close to fully well as I have been since last September. I know I can wake up tomorrow in pain and in bed so this gift of living every breath with my family this weekend has been precious. Regardless of what tomorrow holds, this one weekend has given me the strength to go back into this boxing match with cancer. I feel like I have the kind of energy you start with in round 1, and I can go for either the knockout or the slow consistent pounding to a victory with these next rounds of chemo.

God is Good, All the Time, God is Good!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. They are the fuel for my soul.

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  1. kls80 on May 8, 2007 1:23 pm

    Wow Don! How wonderful that your weekend was so full of blessings. Your blog filled me heart with joy! You have two of the most special boys I know and I’m so glad you got some special time with both of them this weekend. I hope you get out to enjoy the awesome sunshine today. I think Sam and I are going to head down to Greenlake and do some Yoga on the grass. Love you so much and keep up your great faith and love.

    Love Kirsy

  2. MikeChapman on September 5, 2007 6:17 pm


    Noting your son’s interest in film school, there is a large, thriving Christian community in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. I spent 15 years working for and then directing Campus Crusade’s Hollywood ministry, and would love to pass on some of the various opportunities there are for believers there.

    Mike Chapman

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