Can the Doctors Remove my Liver Tube?

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Lots of things going on right now with my health. I had a nasty allergic reaction to a shot I was given to reduce my neuropathy after chemo. My arm swelled up, turned bright red and blistered. I am now on steroids and it looks like the swelling is diminishing.

I also was in the Hospital again for a few hours on Sunday. There is a lot of leakage around my liver tube and it is a real pain. liver-tube-with-captions.jpgI had a series of X-rays with injected dye and nothing was out of order. The only way to solve this is to increase the size of the tube going into my liver or to have surgery to remove the fistula that connects my colon to my liver. The picture on the left shows the dye in the liver tube, liver, fistula and the colon.

I have a meeting with Dr Alex Read, my gastroenterologist, on Thursday to review options for surgery.

I mentioned that Dr Von Hoff and Dr Lee finally connected at the end of last week. I am going to have further testing of my tumor for EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor). If my tumor has this receptor I can take a drug called Iressa which can help kill the tumor and promote remission. It is taken as a pill once per day. That would be pretty cool. I should know the test results next week.

Clearly the most exciting thing for me though is the possibility of having my liver tube removed. Other than the short term effects from chemo, the liver tube is what is always hurting or causing some sort of trouble. Removing the fistula and the liver tube means I could even start running again.

Please pray that the doctors can agree on a way to remove the fistula and liver tube in the next week or two.

God is Good, All the Time, God is Good.

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