Believe it or not I get tired of talking about my cancer. I have to say it is difficult to repeat over and over again to people who ask the state of my cancer. But talking about it is always much better than trying to ignore it. Of course it is much easier to write a blog to inform our friends and family instantly. Heather says she likes the blog, it helps her to inform her friends, but sometimes it’s weird that her friends know more than she does about my medical status when she gets behind in reading the blog!.

Having said all this, please never be afraid to talk to me or members of our family about my cancer and how we are doing. The last few weeks have been a dream. While I still have had pain in my side, I have been able to get out and really breathe every breath and have a pretty normal routine out and about. We don’t take these days for granted and know they will only be a memory as I recover from surgery in weeks to come.

Last Saturday track-meet-5.jpgay Bo and I had a chance to go encourage Sam Thompson in a 12 hour endurance race. All day Saturday while we were out there he was running. We hit the University District Street Fair, Chipotle, University Village, and Sam was running the whole time. He ran 73.14 miles to be exact and as you can see on the left he was still smiling. He won 1st Place in the Open Divison and broke the course record. Of course Sam and his wife Kirsten reminded me that he ran almost the same mileage when he ran the race around lake Tahoe in California. He is just an amazing athlete and wonderful guy.

Monday Night we were able to go to dinner with Dave Olsen and Anita Breaker and celebrate the news that my surgery is coming. While we enjoyed a wonderful meal and conversation we watched what looked like a winter rain storm outside.

track-meet-2.jpgTuesday was Bo’s Day- his final track meet and he competed in the hurdles, 800 and shotput. He performed each event with his best times and distances yet and had quite a crowd of fans there to cheer him on (picture below left). Lets see: Sarah, Zack, track-meet-7.jpgJosiah, Matt, Johnny, Asher, Heather and me (Jaime, mother of Josiah and Asher took the picture) The next day he received the most improved athlete award at the sports assembly at his school.

Now these times are just regular events in most families. But for me, it has been only the last 3 weeks that I have been able to get out of bed with enough energy to live life- breathe every breath. It is wonderful and it is becoming the norm for our family. Tomorrow we are all going to the opening movie at SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) thanks to dear friend and filmmaker Rick Stevenson. Since Johnny plans to pursue film-making in college, this will be his night of exhilaration.

track-meet-3.JPGHow often do you simply take for granted your day, your friends, your family. How would it change if you thought you had 2 months to live. For me, knowing I have terminal cancer and an uncertain future makes life so rich, so track-meet-1.JPGvibrant, such a gift and a blessing, it leaves very little time for worry or fear.

God is Good, All the Time, God is Good!

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  1. paul goeller on May 25, 2007 6:45 am

    hey Brother…paul writing from Austin still (Viv and i return to California on the 29th; the next day i will be driving to Seattle for a board meeting on the 30th…i hope to be able to see you while i’m in the area)…

    i love your reminders about how precious each day is and the “ordinary” things we do with family and friends…seven years ago i was 3 to 5 minutes away from going to heaven: the left anterior artery which supplies blood to the heart itself became occluded…with that blockage, the heart went into MI and i spent all night with doctors and nurses trying to regulate the heart’s rhythm…four days later when my cardiologist released me from the hospital he said to me, “Paul, I’m not a particularly religious person. I am a good cardiologist. But i didn’t save your life. There was a Power greater than I watching over you. What you had we call “the widow maker;” very few people survive it.” Since that day i have had a daily sense of wonder at how precious life is. i never take a single day for granted!

    love you, Don…hope to see you in June.

    Under the Mercy,


  2. jennygiles on May 25, 2007 9:19 am

    My name is Jenny,
    I met your wife at Bible study. My husband was diagnosed with leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant in 2000. He had many difficulties. He was on the ventilator twice. I had the big sit down with one of the doctors where I was asked if I wanted to contine his treatment. He has been on dialysis and on oxygen for several months, heart attack, graft versus host disease….it has been little wierd.

    BUT, we can honestly say tht God has been very good to us. Though we didn’t have that much, we have lost everything material. But we have gained so much more.

    But if Mark were kidnapped, wouldn’t I give everything to get him back.

    God is good. He is our peace when life is a storm. We are not victims of circumstance, but prisoners of God’s love and Devine intervention, though it is impossible to predict his plans or how He will perform them or His time table.

    Lord Jesus,
    Let Your presence be felt like a warm and soft blanket on this family. Jesus, You know our hearts, our times, our joys and our fears. You hear our hearts when we have no words to offer You. To sit in Your presence is prayer enough sometimes.
    Open our ears to listen, open our hands to recieve, open our eyes to see, and help us to drop everything that is unnecessary.

    Thank You Jesus for life. Thank You for 2nd chances. Thank You for forgiveness. Thank You for Your goodness that is bigger than our comprehension to understand it. Thank You for Don and his family.


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