I have had a few funny things happen over the last couple of days that have actually brought me lots of joy and laughter.

On Sunday I realized I lost my car keys. This would not ordinarily be a problem but I lost my other pair about a year ago, never to see them again, so I was down to my last pair of keys. On top of that I had a big Simio meeting on Monday in Everett and knew it would be very difficult to get there without my car. So, I spent a couple of hours looking for the keys on Sunday with no success. Neighbor Wes came over for a while to visit (he just returned from Zambia) and when I told him about the keys he said “You checked the ignition didn’t you?” “Of course I did Wes!” Well, after he left I thought I just might check the ignition again and to my relief there were no keys! I decided to pull up the rear seat in my SUV and look around to see if maybe they had slipped through the seat cushions. Low and behold, in the side frame of the seat I found my keys!

The next morning I grabbed my car keys and prepared to head up to Everett. It was only then that I realized that these car keys were not just any keys, they were the keys I lost a year ago. I told Heather and said that was great news and the keys I only recently lost would most likely turn up and I would again have 2 sets of keys for my car. Sure enough, when I arrived in Everett, Heather called to tell me she found my other set of keys in a Nordstrom bag- busted on my last shopping trip!

While driving to Everett Heather called me and said there was a message from the Coast Guard vessel Osprey, could we please call them regarding our vessel. Well, my picture of a vessel is big with lots of metal not unlike we see on the show Deadliest Catch (Crabbing on the Bering Sea in Alaska) on the Discovery channel. Our boat is 19 feet long and made for fun in the sun. I called the number given and spoke to captain Rick Waring. When I gave him my name he immediately told me they had our vessel secured. I told him I was a little surprised because when I left our beach house on Whidbey Island last Friday I had left our boat/vessel very secured as well, tied up to a buoy in front of our house. I asked him how he happened to secure our boat/vessel. He told me they had a call of a vessel adrift in the shipping lanes south of Port Townsend. They sent out a Coast Guard vessel, found the vessel unmanned and towed it back to the Coast Guard station at Port Townsend. I asked him if there was a blue line on the bow of the boat “No”. This indicated to me someone, kids no doubt, had removed the tie line from our vessel/boat from our buoy. The captain said they checked the boat and there were no signs of vandalism- the GPS, radio, down riggers were all operational.

I thanked him for recovering our vessel and told him I would try and pick-up the boat next week however I had a couple of unknowns. The first was cancer surgery on Wednesday and the second was the weather. If both were good I thought we might be able to pick up the boat/vessel next week. I asked him if they ever did any training exercises off Useless Bay with small boats. He said they could and they would-when would I be at our beach house? I told him I was just kidding but he said he was the captain and he could plan any training exercise he wanted and he would return our boat! “How much do I owe you captain?” “Nothing, we work for you!” Can you believe that? First of all I didn’t even get a chance to worry about my boat being gone before the Coast Guard advised me they had recovered it and it was secure. Then they tell me they will return it to me as part of a training exercise for the Coast Guard. I am just overwhelmed.

I know it must sound silly but recovering both sets of car keys and then our boat all within a 24 hour period just blessed me in a tender way. I did have a chance to pray for the car keys but the boat came completely out of the blue!

Pastor and brother Harvey Drake came over from EBCF today to catch up on things and pray together. He is is always such a encouragement to me and a hero.

I’m fired up and ready for surgery tomorrow. Check in is 6:45 AM. I am the second case so I should be in surgery from roughly 8-10AM.

Thanks again for your prayers.

God is Good, All the Time, God is Good.

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  1. TerriCrowell on June 12, 2007 4:02 pm

    Don & Heather –

    Our prayers are with you for a great outcome tomorrow morning. I love your posts and your positive outlook.

    Jim & Terri Crowell

  2. abdoulaye sarr on June 12, 2007 6:54 pm

    Don ,Heather and Family.
    my family and friends are praying for you as you getting ready for your surgery tomorrow.

  3. Larisa Kaukonen on June 12, 2007 8:45 pm

    Don and Heather,

    May God in His infinite wisdom and mercy guide the surgical team tomorrow. We are praying for you!

    In the name of Christ,
    Larisa and Derek

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