It’s hard to imagine that it was only yesterday that I was in surgery. I was expecting a much longer recovery and had really given up on the possibility of having a chance to recover long enough to attend Zack & Sarah’s wedding on Saturday. Obviously I had great medical care by Dr. Andrew Wright and a number of nurses. All of them were surprised/shocked at my recovery, especially since I didn’t require any pain medication.

After meeting with my Ostomy Nurse today I was told I would be discharged- less than 24 hours after entering my hospital room. How cool is that? Heather had a couple of dear girlfriends stop by- Molly and Linda. Also Johnny, our oldest son decided to stop by with two photo-126.jpgfriends Zoey and Hannah- today was their last day of school. Kirsten, who works at the UW Medical Center as a dietitian also dropped in. Needless to say the hospital room was full and a perfect time for a picture. From left to right in the back row is Zoey, Hannah, Johnny, Molly and Linda. The front row from left to right is Heather, yours truly, and Kirsten.

Below is my first attempt at a video blog. As great as blogs are, oftentimes, like with e-mail, it is difficult to read the emotion of the written word. I hope you enjoy the video, I tried to include content not covered in the blog above and there is something very funny that happened before I was discharged from the hospital while my room was filled with friends and family. Let me know what you think of the video blog by leaving a comment and depending on the response I may include them on a semi-regular basis in the future.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.

God is Good, All the Time, God is Good!

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  1. Gary on June 14, 2007 9:18 pm

    Don, the video is awesome. How wonderful to see and hear how well you are doing. Yes, so much more comes through, even though your posts are always powerful.

    I almost stopped by the hospital on the way home tonight to see you, but traffic was bad through Seattle so I decided to pass. Good thing I guess. I’m so glad to hear that your recovery went astonishingly well.

    See you back at work soon, I hope.


  2. kriper on June 14, 2007 9:55 pm

    Hi Don, I have been so moved reading your blog. Now look at you. One day after surgery you are posting your first video blog, which is very cool. It is truly amazing how great you look today.

    Sharing your story with us on your blog is such a blessing to me. Your honesty, your humor, your obvious love for your family, friends, and your Lord Jesus is such an inspiration.

    We were praying for you yesterday morning at the Agros office that your surgery would go well and that your recovery would go quickly and smoothly. Once again we see evidence that God is Good, All the Time, Oh so Good!!

    God bless you Don with a good night’s rest,

  3. dangeric on June 14, 2007 10:50 pm

    Don: Ollie and Leah have prayed for you ten nights in a row. I am excited to tell them that it’s working. Imagine their thrill to see the real you on video. Love, rick

    Rick Stevenson

  4. TerriCrowell on June 14, 2007 11:56 pm

    Don –

    Fabulous! Really enjoyed your smiles as you told about your wonderful experiences at the hospital. What a boatload of blessings. Keep up the great recovery.

    Jim & Terri Crowell

  5. Raymond on June 15, 2007 12:55 am

    Y O U are amazing! How you stay up on technology is crazy impressive. It’s wonderful to see you (in person) and watch the video, hearing the expression and life behind your words.

    Please, step away from the blue button!

  6. Libby and Brian on June 15, 2007 1:24 am

    Don, we just got home from a week at Cannon Beach and have been catching up on the last week for you. Praise God for your quick recovery!! We haven’t placed a comment before but know that we read every single entry and feel so privileged to share in your journey. We loved the video but love your regular posts too. I don’t think anything (even email) could mask your passion…it shows through regarldless of the medium! Love from Libby and Brian

  7. Gary L. Darmstadt on June 15, 2007 3:44 am

    Dear Don:

    What an amazing day of Blessings. I loved the video! Having been on the other end of the blue button (the responding one), I’m thankful you didn’t get the breathing tube back down your trachea! But seeing you is believing – you look fabulous!


  8. Dan Jessup on June 15, 2007 8:21 am

    Don…you look good, you sound good and your spirit is good!!! God is amazing. I can tell you are feeling better…your high tech passion is coming back…praise Jesus!! The video blog is a kick, next time you might want to wear a happy shirt, just to spice things up a little! Oh, and do someting with your hair…remember this is video!!


  9. paul goeller on June 15, 2007 9:00 am

    Don! awesome! i love seeing and hearing you– and i’m praising God for how well the surgery went and for such a speedy recovery…i’m going to take my Notebook over to Viv’s office and let her watch your video blog right now…love you, Bro! paul (under the Mercy, in the Goodness)

  10. Jake on June 15, 2007 9:27 am

    Great video Don. Maybe you should look into being a big time television personality. I could get you the contact info for Fox Sports if you want an anchor or reporter job!

    Don I am continually encouraged by your faith and what God is doing in your life. I want you to know that God has used you directly in my life. I remember when you first told us about your cancer at tool group. You challenged us to “live like we only had two months.” I took that challenge seriously and made that my prayer. Nothing happened immediately but gradually God has changed me drastically over this time period. He has strengthened my friendships, family and my heart.
    I know I am one of many that has been blessed by your obedience and passion for God.

    I will see you at the wedding!

    Jake Chambers

  11. David Carlson on June 15, 2007 10:09 am

    Emily, Gail & I just watched this wonderful glimpse into your 24 hr hospital “detour”…code blue & all! Do it again!

    Also, Gail shared that hearing you’ll be able to be part of Zach & Sarah’s wedding is truly remarkable and we know it’ll be all the more glorious consequently!

    All are blessed(“on the right road”)knowing the Author & Finisher of our faith!

    The Agros Staff love you and rejoice in this expression of God’s goodness & presence!

  12. dustin on June 15, 2007 11:44 am

    An enthusiastic thumbs up on the video blog and happy to hear such an amazing report!

  13. PamBrooks on June 15, 2007 11:48 am

    Oh Don, Dave and I so enjoyed seeing and hearing you. You look and sound so healthy. Truly a miracle this entire journey you are on. I laughed to see you in your favorite green color, I too share the love of that color. God’s love is all around you this is obvious. Praise him.
    Wonderful news that you can participate in the wedding, I was sad for all of you, that you might not attend. The code blue story made us laugh. Keep the video’s coming, it is great.
    Love and prayers for all of you, miss you, safe travels to eastern Washington, and when you come back, bring the sun.

  14. Todd M. Nelson on June 15, 2007 12:38 pm

    Dear Don (and Family)-

    You are a blessing to all of us. As you continue to radiate Him, we see such vibrant strength in weakness and health in sickness. He is indeed in the miracle business.



  15. hknapp on June 15, 2007 1:13 pm

    Don, we love the video blog. You look so healthy and happy! Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. 🙂

  16. anitabraker on June 15, 2007 3:52 pm

    Wow Don – the video blog is such an amazing connecton to you. No need to guess whether you are feeling great….your energy jumps right out of the screen and into the room with us, and it is powerful. Have a wonderful weekend and keep the stream coming live to all of us…much love to you, Heather and the boys from Anita & Dave.

  17. Marvin Fritzler on June 15, 2007 4:18 pm

    I nominate Don for an Academy Award…greatest post-op video ever.
    Don, am pleased to hear all went so well.
    God…did ‘carry you’!

  18. gregu on June 15, 2007 11:40 pm

    Prayers and best wishes from Provence! It’s been great keeping up with you and all that is going on from here in France. The whole family prays for you daily and we had a neat time praying for you at a restaurant on a terrace looking over a beautiful valley – full of sun just as you would have loved! With the time difference it was just at 6:45 your time as you were heading in. We are so glad it went so well and know you will get through this latest twist as well. Sorry you will miss Zack’s wedding.

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