A special physician

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Don has mentioned in his blog that his oncologist Doug Lee and I re-connected yesterday, after many years, in Don’s room. I was chatting with Don around 6pm when Doug came in the room for his daily visit with Don. Doug reminded me that 10 years ago I had spoken at a retreat of the New Horizons board at his houseboat on Lake Union.

Doug sat with Don for about 40 minutes, talking about what he sees in Don’s current situation, and answering Don’s questions. It was a remarkable time. After a long and very busy day, Doug spoke to and listened to Don as if he had nothing else that could possibly be more important. He seemed as fresh as if his work day were just beginning, not coming to an end after many long hours. Don might as well have been his only patient in the hospital.

Doug was straightforward and realistic, but encouraging at the same time. Toward the end of our time, we both prayed for Don. I heard in Doug’s prayer a deep and mature spirituality, an open and engaging faith. He prayed as one who recognizes that he, as a physician, can only do so much. The rest is entirely in God’s hands.

I came away from that time deeply thankful that my dear friend Don is in Doug’s care. God has molded Doug into a consummate professional and a compassionate care-giver. What a tremendous combination. May that be an encouragement to all of us who love Don and Heather and boys.
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