Don went in to see Dr. Doug Lee yesterday (Friday) afternoon. He has been feeling very weak and low on energy. He also continues to have a temperature. Dr. Lee checked him back into Northwest Hospital, to try to figure out exactly what kind of infection they’re dealing with, and why they have not been able to address it effectively. Don, Heather, Johnny and Bo have been looking forward to flying by float plane to visit with the Goff family in Malibu, Canada on Monday, to stay through Thursday. The flight is slightly over 1 hour from Seattle. Please pray that the medical team can figure out what’s wrong, deal with it, and free up D & H to go on the trip as planned.

Skip, for Don & Heather

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  1. Tom Fairchild on July 14, 2007 8:36 am

    Don,God Bless you and your family.I was wandering away from God in 1995 and going to go white water rafting on Easter 1995,be an insurance executive and was board president of a new age church.The rest is history,the raft capsized I was drowned and dead for 10-20 minutes and God and the white light tunnel experience.God saved me once again.After 3-4 visitors saying they loved me,I and my doctor said enough(no more visitors)God is not a visitor and always with you Don even when Dr. Lee or you say no more.The great message is why wait till sickness or death to share Gods love for one another.I love you, your family and church family loves you.Remember Don the greatest infection is Jesus Christ and he never leaves or fails.(Im a loud talking person and starting to enjoy this e-mail thing). God Bless You, Tom Fairchild

  2. jennygiles on July 14, 2007 9:08 am

    Lord Jesus,
    Please give Dr. Lee insight and wisdom. Please give Heather and Don patience as they wait on You.

    Waiting is so hard. I think it is hardest for me.
    And then You remind me, it is not the diagnosis, or the test results that I am waiting on, or the news, or the friend or my Mark ….
    I am waiting on You.

    Help us to wait Lord. Help us to endure the hours or days of waiting for baited news. Help Jesus to remember that we wait on You.

    Please give Don and Heather rest and peace. Please be their peace and their rest. Let this be a sweet time for them.


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