Here it is August 8th already and I have not taken the time to update you with a blog entry. The truth be known, I was hoping to make a video blog on the water here at Whidbey in the beautiful sun. For those of you who live in the Northwest you know that we are all waiting on the sun. It has been cloudy the last few days and rain is expected today- Summer in Seattle! Thursday and Friday are expected to clear so maybe I will still get a chance to publish a video blog on the water, showing of some of our bountiful harvest from the sea!

The last several days have been a continuous dance on the edge of heaven. Every day my liver tube hole has drained less to the point of family-sunny-whidbey.jpgstopping yesterday and today being the first day I can actually get around without any bandage! In addition every day I have felt stronger and stronger with no naps and just going from morning to late night. I am learning to stand up straight again and to stop holding my side. I can actually walk at a normal pace not lagging behind others. I am used to a good day followed by several bad ones but I have never had good days building on good days since this cancer journey began. There is still risk every day that another abscess will build up with fluid in my liver, followed by massive infection or a liver tube again. We continue to live today and let tomorrow take care of itself. I know that much of the strength and energy comes from the thousands of prayers from all over the world so of course we ask that you continue to pray as we can now begin to focus directly on the cancer. The picture on the left is our family on one of the sunnier days on Whidbey.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that this week was going to be a special one with both the Domich’s and Jessup’s together at Whidbey. This is our eleventh year together as families and it is always energizing to see the kids’ love and excitement to be together. When all the kids are here (the older ones have work commitments) there are 6 boys- Taylor, Kevin, Brian, Johnny, Bo and Daniel, and one beautiful and amazing girl, Haley Domich. While they all wake up late every morning, we older ones are going to bed as they stay up late around their campfire on the beach enjoying smores.

As couples we have been through everything together so it is just a huge blessing to be together this year. At the time I was diagnosed with cancer I was not expected to even be here in August 07 so being together and feeling so great is a miracle. We got the boat out yesterday and the guys went fishing. It was slow, Dan caught one salmon but for all of us it was just good to be together cruising the Sound. Today our assignment is to bring home the dinner-salmon and crab.

I have a little more good news. I mentioned a while back that tGEN had determined that I had a receptor on my tumors called EGFR-Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor. Tarceva This is a perfect opportunity for you to save on your Indinavir buy, because we offer it only for 4.77 USD! All is legal and real! is a oral medication that specifically targets non small cell liver cancer cells and blocks tumor cell growth. The treatment is expensive- $4000/month or $130 per pill! The amazing thing is that our primary insurance reduces our cost to $40/month and our secondary insurance brings the cost to zero.

I’m not sure if I mentioned how it came about that we would have two medical insurance policies in the first place (now I’m rambling!). Mike, Bharath and I had started Simio Inc. up in Everett and Mike’s COBRA coverage from Microsoft was about to end. I had personal insurance for the family after my COBRA ended with Starbucks in 2000. I had researched medical group plans and we selected an Blue Cross plan and both Mike and I enrolled. I decided to let my personal insurance overlap for a month and it was 3 days after the new policy went into effect that I was diagnosed with cancer. Ironically both policies are Blue Cross. Obviously we continue to carry both medical plans. Heather keeps meticulous records and with the two policies, we are able to get 100% coverage for all our medical expenses. This is one of the first miracles of this entire journey.

Next month it will be the one year anniversary of my diagnosis. The tumors are less than half their size and we are continuing to attack the nasty cells with Taxol, Carboplatin and now Tarceva. While I still have neuropathy in my feet, there is no pain and about the only obvious impact is that I am unable to wear flip-flops. It feels like we are winning this battle while at the same time being blessed daily regardless of my physical state. I have to say that it is much sweeter when my body catches up with the joy of my Spirit.

God is good, all the time, God is good.

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  1. Randor on August 9, 2007 1:37 am

    Hi Don, It’s encouraging to hear how well you are doing! Your head is looking better now that you got rid of all that grey hair. I guess we will know that you are indeed healed when it comes back nice and brown! Time for me to get another “trim,” so I will send you a picture soon. Thanks for being my reminder to live each day to the fullest and to be thankful for all I have, no matter what!
    God is Good, All the Time, God is Good is sooo
    true!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Randy

  2. craigsaw on August 9, 2007 5:55 am

    Your latest entry was so encouraging and we are keeping you in our prayers. Last evening we were on the beach watching the space shuttle blast off (we live in Daytona and get an awesome view- the shuttle jettisons it’s big rockets right off our shore) I kept thinking of your words “dancing on the edge of heaven” as we were saying a prayer for the safety of the astronauts…..anyway we are so glad you get some time to enjoy all the northwest has to offer. God is good- we’ll be out in Seattle next week for a wedding and look forward to enjoying the northwest too!
    The Sawchuks

  3. peter holland on August 9, 2007 10:06 am

    Your family and you look great. I am so filled with joy to read your encouraging update and see the smiles.

    God is good.

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