Since my last blog entry I have continued to feel great/almost normal. My temperatures have been greatly diminished and night sweats are gone. d1750.jpgI am able to get around easily and have enjoyed lots of typical running-around type things we so often take for granted- going out to dinner, meeting a friend for coffee/tea, running errands, walking, going to a movie with my boys, driving to doctors appointments. It has been just great. I continue to take it easy knowing I am still in a somewhat critical period as we wait and see how the liver continues to respond to the absence of a tube to drain fluid. I have really enjoyed reading again and I am just finishing a book by 4 star general Tommy Franks who led the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is filled with lots of previously classified information on the planning that went into each battle. Regardless of your views on the war, it is a fascinating book. The picture on the left is at Whidbey reading and enjoying the sun.

Tomorrow morning I have a CT scan and there are several things they will be focusing on:

1) Has the liver tumor grown into the colon while I was off chemo?

2) Has the inflammation of the liver decreased so that normal tissue/dead tissue/cancer tissue can be differentiated sufficiently to schedule liver and colon surgery with Jorge Reyes?

3) Has the lung absorbed the fluid from the blood clots and inflammation of the lung?

4) How has the size of the tumors in the liver and lung changed from the last CT scan prior to surgery at UW?

This Wednesday I have my next chemo treatment. I am ready for it knowing we will hit the cancer cells hard with another dose.

We are going to spend the night at Whidbey Tuesday between the CT scan and chemo to enjoy the sunny weather now upon us. Bo is at Wildhorse Canyon, a beautiful Young Life camp in Oregon until Thursday, and Johnny continues to work and study German. He leaves for Germany in 26 days. We have seen pictures of his host family and he is really excited. We have talked about my coming to Germany at the end of his stay and traveling a bit together.

Overall, life is very good, my body is beginning to align with my joyful/blessed spirit. I am looking into physical therapy/personal trainer to work with me in the gym to get some muscle back on my bones. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know. Every day of feeling good is a gift that we don’t take lightly. Thank you for all your prayers.

God is good, all the time, God is good!

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  1. tarman on August 13, 2007 4:20 pm

    Donny- great to see you reading again! I am sitting in San Diego overlooking the ocean with Rick Malouf and just read your posting to him. We are both so happy for the grace God continues to lavish on you!

    Wish we could see you in SB this weekend and wish Heather a happy 40th birthday in person!



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