A Brief Update…

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Today I had an appointment with Dr. Doug Lee to review my blood tests and talk about next steps for surgery. I have been feeling good now for 4 weeks although I have had to get IV fluids for dehydration once or twice a week.

All my blood tests were good with no anemia or low white count. I had blood cultures last week and they also came back negative so I am now off all antibiotics. Both Dr. Ehni and Dr. Lee agree it is time for a new port-a-cath. I think we will schedule that after our trip to Hawaii we hope to make at the end of September or early October.

We talked about the surgery options at Johns Hopkins or here in Seattle. I was told that Dr. Darlene Barr has agreed to look into my case. I have an appointment with Dr Alex Read tomorrow and she will let us know more details since she has been in contact with Dr. Jorge Reyes and Dr. Barr.

I will give a more comprehensive update tomorrow.

Thanks again for all your prayers. Life is good right now- body and spirit. I have more to say about how that has affected me and my closest relationships tomorrow.

God is good all the time, God is Good!

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