Today I had my normal blood workup and meeting with Dr Doug Lee, followed by chemo. My blood tests continue to look good. Doug and I had a good conversation about our meeting yesterday with Dr Barr. While he was hoping surgery could take a big chunk out of the tumor, he was also concerned about the amount of time I would be off chemo.

We agreed to stay the course with the chemo-Taxol, Carboplatin and Tarceva. We have no idea if the Tarceva is working so we scheduled a PET CT scan for Monday and repeat chemo on the 27th of September. djj2.jpgThe picture on the left is me, Josiah and Josh- we are all showing off our super hero shirts. I have a whole collection I wear daily- Superman, Incredible Hulk, Flash Gordon, Masters of the Universe, Mighty Mouse, etc..

Last night Heather and I took Johnny to the airport and sent him on his way to Germany- he was so excited, so ready, it was a huge encouragement that he is going to soar like an eagle. I hugged him as he left for security and kissed him on his cheek then proceeded to completely lose it. Moms are supposed to do this, not dads. I cried all the way home- tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of uncertainty, all rolled into one.

Johnny text-messaged me from Dallas, NYC, and finally when he met the rest of the students traveling to other parts of the world. We have a video camera set on his Macbook Pro so we will be able to have video calls from time to time along with e-mail and his blog.

Last night when we went to bed and Heather dozed off- I remembered the 5th of September was our 20th anniversary. I kissed her on the cheek and wished her many more to come– together.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers- it is a hard time but a good time all in one.

God is good, all the time, God is good.


Another PS from Skip:

Don’s blood count is really high, which means his liver is functioning well right now. That gives me some hope. Dr. Barr commented in yesterday’s meeting that sometimes they cut into the liver, expecting to find a tumor they have to remove, and all they find is dead cancer cells. From strictly a layman’s view, I’m speculating (and hoping, of course) that there is a big mass of dead cancer cells in Don’s liver, doing absolutely nothing but lying there dead. If the cancer were really alive and spreading, it doesn’t seem that Don’s blood count would be that high, or that he would be feeling as good as he is. Anyway, that’s just a little hopeful sign — strictly from a medical ignoramus. But it spurs me to pray that those blankety-blank cancer cells are either dead, or dying in mass.


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  1. andydavidson on September 6, 2007 9:17 pm

    Hi Don & Heather
    We continue to pray with you and for you.
    Thanks for the faithfulness in keeping us posted via the blog and emails.
    Can’t imagine sending a child off overseas for the first extended time…wow!
    You guys are loved and missed!
    Andy & Nikki

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