Back in the Hospital Again with 103.4 Temperature

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Great day, including the Starbucks Annual Meeting on Wednesday. Sat through the 3-hour meeting without pain in my feet. Saw many old friends and colleagues.

Great day yesterday (Thursday). Was in a number of meetings from 10AM to 5PM and felt great the whole time.

Great day today including a couple of meetings.

Each day I have felt stronger than normal, but in the evening I have had a fever and night sweats every night. Some nights I change my shirt 4 times

Late this afternoon (Friday) my temp went up to 103.4 so I am now in the hospital. The concern is that the temp could go up with pain in the middle of the night. So I am in the hospital getting CT tests and other scans to figure out where the temp is coming from.

I feel great with lots of energy- but I am anemic and my white count is up. I’ll let you know what I know as soon as they make some sense of this.



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