Today is Sunday the 4th of November and I wish I could tell you I am feeling better, stronger. The truth is I am still very weak, maybe weaker than when I did my last video blog. I had a transfusion of platelets on Tuesday Oct 30th and a transfusion of RBC’s on Thursday instead of chemo. My bilirubin is still high, and the doctors, after consulting one another all agree this is all a negative/allergic reaction to Gemszar, my latest chemo. The plan is to let my body continue to recover and then to begin a new chemo next Thursday. I will be seeing Dr Doug Lee tomorrow and most likely will receive a couple liters of fluids.

hween-1.jpgHalloween has clearly been the highlight of the last few days. The neighborhood kids, led by an early scouting of the neighborhood by Superman (Asher) quickly staked out the Valencia house (left). Asher’shween-7.jpg brother, Josiah, a.k.a. Spiderman, or should I say multi-hero since he was able to transform from Spiderman to Batman with the power of his mind. The picture on the right was the only photo I was able to capture of him as Spiderman.

Captured here on the left is the initial assault on the house by the team disguised as innocent trick or treaters with Heather actually letting them into our hhween-2.jpgouse (fatal mistake). In the photo on the right you can actually see Superman heading back outside to signal for the rest of the team. This was the first picture I was able to capture ofhween-3.jpg multi-hero (Josiah), as Batman. He hid behind his brother, Superman, guarding the door. He changed into several other Superheroes but I has not able to capture them with my camera.

Once they made it in the house they headed to the master bedroom, somehow knowing this washween-4.jpg my rest area over the last couple of weeks. As you can see with the photo on the left, they quickly surrounded the bedroom. The final thrust of their attack was onto our bed where they easily overcame me with l We offer the most affordable prices for Nitrofurantoin on today’s market. Make sure to check our offers and buy Nitrofurantoin for 0.6 USD today at our online pharmacy! hween-6.jpgove, laughter and candy. With every team of superheroes there is always the seductive princess seen here disguised as Tommy the Tank Engine (Halley) in the photo on the right!

God is Good, all the time, especially when kids are around, God is good!

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  1. Polly Urquhart on November 5, 2007 9:03 am

    I’m so glad to hear from you today. We’ve prayed together for you this morning….before you got up being 2 hours ahead. Don, at the risk of being pushy, has anyone talked to you about conserving your energy on the good days so the bad days won’t be AS low? I was given some materials by a physical therapist friend when my mother was going through chemo on ways to conserve energy and getting through chemo and that was one of the things I remember. They suggested a terry cloth robe so when you got out of the shower you wouldn’t have to exert energy in drying but rather wrap up and let the robe do it.

    Love today’s pictures! What cuties!

  2. tamiparker on December 3, 2007 11:00 pm

    Don, I had to login using my wife’s password. I am not smart enought to register myself. I will come by to see you tomorrow. My last visit with you , Heather and Skip was such a great time! We spent an hour laughing about a bizzare range of topics, from snakes eating their owners to Gary Larson. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Your attitude, faithfulness, and undimished spirit have helped countless people in their faith, relationships, and realizing what is important here on Earth. Tom Parker

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