It is Saturday morning and I am still here at NW Hospital. No temperature last night so I may get to go home today- depends on bilirubin, antibiotics and pain. The CT scan I had yesterday showed no change in tumor size- they measured it 3X and are confident there has been no change in size. The new problem revealed by the CT scan is that the bile ducts are wide open which means there is some sort of blockage. It could be the tumor but nobody knows- I feel pretty strong after 2 more units of blood last night (3 total) but it is totally up to the gastroenterologist and infectious disease specialist to determine if I can head home. I cousins-1.jpgam still on IV pain meds which help a lot. I’m not sure what we will do for the pain if I head home.

Not unlike adapting to our Canlis dinner 2 weeks ago, my cousins from Southern California arrived yesterday to visit over the weekend. We had two visits in the hospital yesterday that were so much fun. From left to right, front to back are: Art, Heather, Lori and Anna (sisters), yours truly, Shelly- Art’s wife and Bo.

Lori went through a lot of family photos and we are hoping to have a great dinner at home tonight and share photos, stories and of course love and joy. It is such a gift to me to have them here- there is so much laughter and that just delights my soul.

Bo is going to Snoqualmie Summit for a snowboarding competition with a couple of friends and Johnny is at a birthday party for his German sister, Brita.

I’m waiting for my breakfast of French toast and sausage this morning while Heather is preparing a delightful breakfast for our cousins. I know the breakfast will be delightful because of the people but also because Heather knows how to make a beautiful breakfast and has done that weekly for/with her neighborhood ladies small group for several years.

Happy birthday, faithful brother/friend, Skip Li.

God is good, all the time, God is good.

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  1. Connie on November 10, 2007 10:18 am

    Great news! Enjoy

    Love & Prayers,


  2. tarman on November 10, 2007 2:09 pm

    hi Don! Linda and I are in SB. Had breakfast with the Grotenhuis’s and they asked all about Canlis… And they as following your blog. I am going to grandkid’s soccer games today and loving it! Linda was honored last night at a big gala at the Biltmore fire being one of the co-founders of a non-profit which helps young women with problem pregnancies have the support to give life. The organization is celebrating 20 years of helping these girls with housing (started with one girl in our house 20 years ago)housing etc. It was so fun to seeher be so affirmed by hundreds of people!


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