Looking for the Infection in the Port-a-Cath

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This week is my easy week- no chemo- time for my body to rebuild- then back to chemo again next Tuesday. Then it is 2 weeks of chemo and one week off. The good news is my white cell and red cell counts are normal. The bad news is Sunday night my feet hurt so much I couldn’t hold back tears for a few hours. Skip, Wes and Heather sat with me and prayed and sang. Heather and Wes massaged my feet. Eventually the morphine kicked in and I was able to sleep. Then last night again with Heather, Skip and Wes, I told them how good I felt, how much better my feet felt. Three hours later, at 11:30 PM, I was in the ER with 102.5 temperature. After saline, pain medications and antibiotics we went home around 4:30AM. This morning I met with Dr Doug Lee and we reviewed my lab tests taken in the hospital. Dr Lee also got me an appointment to see my infectious disease specialist, Dr Bill Ehni at the end of the day. All my labs were normal or slightly low- nothing unexpected since this was the week we expected the white count to drop. I did have more IV saline and antibiotics before leaving his office.

This afternoon I met with Dr Ehni. He was encouraged how I looked, how I felt and how good the lab tests were. After reviewing all the tests he said it was most likely an infection in the port-a-cath– the plastic catheter device in my chest that connects to the vena cava.

Occasionally these devices get infected and there is no temperature or clinical sign until the infection pours into the blood stream. I did have 2 blood tests taken at the hospital and we should have the results Wednesday afternoon. If they are positive, I will have outpatient surgery to replace it. If the blood tests are negative then we sit tight and watch my temperature without taking any antibiotics.

Please pray that the new chemo is working and that the pain in my feet would continue to drop and that the doctors figure out the cause of my temperature prior to my next chemo on Tuesday.



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