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Below is most of Don’s memorial service on video. It does not include piano prelude and postlude and the congregational singing at this time, however, we may add those in the next few weeks. We are also looking into how we can include the slide show as shown at the service.

Many thanks to Paul Gordon for doing the video, and to James for editing and converting it to a streaming format for everyone to enjoy.



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  1. Polly Urquhart on January 7, 2008 9:37 pm

    Heather, Bo and Johnny, I think of you all so much, especially during the Christmas week. I loved the picture from Hawaii and am so glad you were able to go for a time of processing. I’m so grateful for the memorial service here so I can participate. Greg brought me one of the copies of the Message and the program and I thank you for that. I plan to pass the Bible on to one of the kids I mentor. I love the way ir reads and read it often myself. Wanted you to know that you remain in my thoughts and prayers.
    With love,

  2. abdoulaye sarr on January 14, 2008 4:31 pm

    Dear Heather, Bo and Johnny.
    I was talking about Don today at work with one of my coworkers, about the impact that he had in every life that he came across and how he changed lost of lives, and we both started to cry, and laugh.

    It was not a cry of sadnesss or sarrow but happiness, because we know that he is in a good place and he is going to touch lots of lives where he is.

  3. inga on January 15, 2008 9:19 pm

    Oh Don. I really miss you. I was wondering again why this ended this way…so I came here– to be reminded of your trust in Him. I’ve spent the last hour rereading the beginning of your journey. And I just want to tell you that you continue to teach me. And I am falling deeper and deeper into that level of trust that you said God wanted me to reach. I love that you are part of the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ cheering me on. Keep it up! I need all the encouragement I can get. I love you!

  4. alissakg on February 4, 2008 12:21 pm

    Heather, Jonny and Bo,

    As I mentioned in my blog entry on the previous Hawaii page, we just found out about Don’s passing a few days ago when Neal was in Austin with Peter Blomquist. Having fallen out of touch over the last couple of years (victims of overly busy schedules… something this experience has reminded me to work on!), we had no idea of the battle you all were waging during that time.

    I am so saddened that we did not find out in time to share our thoughts directly with Don, and to tell him how much we admired they way he lived his life and his values. We have endeavored to find new ways to communicate this with him over the last few days–given that the electronic toys he enjoyed and made good use of are no longer as effective in reaching him. A reminder of how we REALLY should be communicating…

    I am so appreciative that the blog is still open. I spent all weekend reading every word, enlarging every photo, and watching every minute of his videos and the beautiful memorial service. Through it, I felt welcomed to travel a small piece of his (and your all’s) journey during that time.

    The blog may help you all who travelled the journey together–to reflect back on it (as Inga mentioned), and folks like us (no doubt there will be many coming out of the woodworks) who were in shock and grief upon hearing the news.

    When Neal first told me Don had died, I had no transition… one moment–his name evoked images of one of the most vital people we know–who lived every moment with the “zeal” that Dan Jessup so eloquently described. I couldn’t reconcile Don’s death with the image of Don in my mind. When Neal then told me the story of Don’s 15 month battle with cancer, I started to fathom how he could have passed, but still felt so grieved.

    However in reading the whole blog, I was able to be “brought along” on the journey and fathom how his passing could indeed happen –so many months longer than any expert could have predicted. I was also able to transform some of my grief into joy at knowing the peace Don found through this experience, and the gifts he bestowed his friends and family through sharing his experience. The blog–containing parting thoughts from someone who had so much to communicate–is transformative, as was (and is) Don.

    H/J/B–May our journeys continue to intersect at pivotal moments. With boys the same age (fending off sports injuries, starting the college search), and with a shared passion for building community and seeking peace, economic and social justice in this world, we look forward to connecting more in the future. Don will always be among us!

    Our hearts are with you all,
    Alissa, Neal, Evan, Jordan and Maraya Keny-Guyer

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