This is a real-time web journal of my roller coaster adventure with incurable, stage four, malignant, squamous cell carcinoma of my liver, lung and colon. I was initially diagnosed in October of 2006 with an amoeba infection in my liver, due to my somewhat regular travel to Latin America as co-chairman of the Agros Foundation. Within two weeks it was clear that there was much more going on and after further testing it was determined that I had a grapefruit sized tumor in my liver, a walnut sized tumor in my lung, and a third tumor the size of a peanut in my colon.

While incurable cancer can be a terrifying disease, it can also be a gift. One thing we all know is that we will die. In some ways knowing I have cancer enables me to live life with a bit more urgency, living every moment, breathing every breath as a gift. As you will read in the Blog, over time I have come to experience a taste of heaven while at the same time being here in the present. Initially it was a bit unnerving but now I have come to love the experience. I call this Dancing on the Edge of Heaven.

If you have not been keeping up with my e-mail updates I would encourage you to read the entire Blog which includes all my e-mails as well as journal notes and e-mails from friends and family.

In order to help you know the names referenced in this Blog here is a list of friends, family and physicians:

Chi-Dooh (Skip) Li- Personal friend, founder Agros Foundation, neighbor

Wes Anderson- Personal friend, founder of Leadership Development. neighbor

Adam & Jaime Hestad- Personal friends, neighbors

Luke & Annie Hartsock- Personal friends, neighbors

Raymond Whitney- Personal Friend, Neighbor

James Snook- Personal Friend, Blog Creator

Barry Rowan- Personal Friend

Steve Schellings- Personal Friend, Neighbor

Juan Edgar & Rose Picado- Personal friend, San Juan, Costa Rica

Javier & Rose Tola- Personal friend, Lima Peru

Dr. Greg Schroedl- Personal friend, administrator Northwest Hospital, ER physician; wife Kay Schroedl is Agros board chair

Dr. Larisa Kaukonen- Personal friend, ER physician, Agros board member

Dr. Doug Lee- Oncologist, Liver specialist

Dr. Alex Reed- Gastroenterologist, Liver specialist

Dr. Pat Moore Surgeon- Installed port-a-cath

Dr. Rodney Kratz- Colon & rectal Surgeon

Dr. Bill Ehni- Infectious Disease Specialist

Dr. Jorge Reyes- Surgeon, Liver & Transplantation

I hope you enjoy this astonishing journey of faith, friends, family and God’s Mercy and you can Dance in the Edge of Heaven without having to experience a disabling disease.

One thing you can always count on is that God is Good, all the time, God is Good!


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